Lingerie brand receives backlash for diverse campaign but refuses to take it down

Whilst it seems like every day, plus size black lingerie companies are lambasted for not using diverse enough models in their campaigns, one lingerie brand has now received a huge backlash for featuring too diverse a selection of women.

Georgia-based lingerie boutique Livi Rae has been criticised for the line-up of women in its in-store campaign.

 Body shaming is real. We experienced it first hand today when our landlord asked us to remove our window display. As you can imagine, we’ve received a lot of calls asking what people can do to help. Please share these images along with the hashtag #NoShameLiviRae to help us educate the community about body shaming. Our campaign features women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The media have been conducting interviews and we will be sharing those shortly to keep you updated. In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts. Are these images offensive or in bad taste to you

The shop put up a window display featuring various women of different colours, shapes, ages, abilities and sizes, but received complaints and was told to take it down.

Read moreBody positive Instagrammer writes inspirational response to shamersApparently, the images were considered “in bad taste”.

Livi Rae is known for its celebration of all women – they fit all sizes as well as women recovering from mastectomies or who have prosthetics or other disabilities.

“We wanted to show people that they didn’t have to have perfect skin, bone structure, or bodies to feel beautiful,” Decker told Yahoo Style.

Read moreBodybuilder shames woman at gym for ‘love handles’ and prompts outrageComplaints about the campaign – which features plus-size women as well as a wheelchair-bound model with Multiple Sclerosis – reached the company which manages the shop’s lease, who said the matter was “under investigation”.

“We’ve never had to clear plus size black lingerie an ad with the management property in the past. We were told the ad is in ‘poor taste,’ but no one has explained what that means,” Decker said.

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