Baby Doll Lingerie Has Always Been A Lingerie Favourite

Baby doll lingerie plus size black lingerie has developed a reputation as classic nightwear. Loyal fans have their favorite styles, and designers regularly release updates and changes. Babydolls have a brief but interesting history, of which many fans are unaware. Provided here is a quick guide to the history of baby doll lingerie.

Women’s nightwear has evolved and changed over time. By the 1930s, short and sensual were the order of the day. Women often wore short negligees with matching “bed jackets,” which were short, sensual and sometimes trimmed with feathers or lace. Out of these bed jackets came the first baby doll lingerie pieces.

Although the garment had been around for decades, the name “baby doll lingerie” was first introduced when Carroll Baker appeared in one in the 1956 film “Baby Doll.” Both the film and the lingerie were a smash success. Babydolls of the 1950s were relatively simple flared negligees with a hemline that reached approximately six inches above the wearer’s knee. Baby doll lingerie was sometimes trimmed in feathers or lace, similar to the older bed jackets.

Babydoll lingerie can be sure to spice things up or simply just to give you more confidence, everyone can wear babydoll lingerie even if you think you haven’t got the perfect figure, baby doll lingerie comes in so many differenty styles so you can choose to show off your curves or hide your imperfections.

It was around that time that a daywear dress in babydoll style was introduced. The dresses maintained the short, sensual feel of the baby doll lingerie, but were more solid and appropriate for public view. Meanwhile, the nightwear version of the babydoll became increasingly more sensual. Gradually creeping shorter, and featuring ever more daring fabrics, baby doll lingerie made the switch from simple nightwear to true sexy lingerie.

Today, vintage baby doll lingerie can be highly valuable. Collectors often search for babydolls that date to the 1950s or 1960s. However, the item has also continued to evolve. Today a sheer babydoll or lace babydoll is easy to find. Hemlines now run the gamut from the traditional six inches above the knee to barely skimming the buttocks. Necklines range from a more traditional scoop neck to a deeply plunging, cleavage-enhancing V-neck. Babydolls are even available that more closely resemble the older bed jackets, featuring one or two front closures.

For those who prefer a bit of modesty, matching panties in a similar material are readily available, often sold as part of a set. More demure styles are also an option for those who prefer who more coverage. These styles are just as sexy as their more extreme cousins, often enhanced with fake fur, lace or other detailing.

Whether you are searching for vintage-style or more modern baby doll lingerie, you will find sizing a breeze. Unlike many lingerie items, babydolls are designed to fit a bit loosely. Some are offered in one size fits all designs, while others are sized according to dress size. This ease of finding a piece that fits may be partially responsible for the babydoll’s continued success.

The babydoll was plus size black lingerie an instant classic upon its release, and remains one to this day. A sensual and luxurious option, baby doll lingerie is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes.

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