We Give You the Steps, You Implement
We have all walked into that pandora rings special offer jewelry store with a bunch of random pieces of jewelry. There is a somatic experience when you walk into a place like that: it feels scattered, cheap, and overwhelming.

That’s in brick and mortar stores. On an online store, there’s a very similar feeling, and the bounce rate is high on sites where the customer can’t find their place or can’t see the overarching brand’s story and contribution. Decide to “be somebody” as a brand and you will connect with more people than you can imagine.

If you are a jewelry brand going for a mid- to high-end look and feel, this article will help you put together or expand your existing 925 silver jewelry line in a cohesive way that will show customers that you know who you are as a brand and that you are serving a specific audience.

When you create product lines, the most important question to ask is, “is there a market for this?” In other words, will people want to buy what you’re selling?

Think about what is classic and timeless and what is trendy. There is always a market for these kinds of products.

At ELF925, we carry a variety of both trendy and classic pieces that are high quality. In contrast to other wholesale companies, our products are made of 925 sterling silver or surgical steel. These high quality materials always have demand.

When you are looking at what kind of products to add to your line, they need to be on-brand and also serve your niche. Your niche is serving a certain type of person: Are you serving the feminine girly girl? Are you serving the punk teenager? Are you serving someone who is really into high fashion and glamour? Are you serving someone who rides motorcycles and wears leather? Are you serving someone who is boho chic and likes to ride her bike across town?

Once you decide on your ideal customer, create an avatar of her. What kinds of jewelry does she wear? She will probably have an eye on the trends as most people do. Are you catering to those trends, or are you sticking to your tried and true branded designs?

Of course to stay on brand you will need high quality silver 925 pandora rings special offer jewelry to continue being a reputable seller, and you can find this at ELF925.

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