Tips for Shopping for Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

If you have already begun planning your wedding, then you know how quickly the expenses can add up. Pandora rings special offer,It is a smart move to consider budget-friendly alternatives when they are available. Especially when you’re starting a new family, finances can be tight.

Why Choose Sterling Silver Wedding Bands?

Sterling silver wedding bands offer an affordable option to display your love for you partner. Although it is not as precious as titanium or gold, sterling silver still looks beautiful and unique at a fraction of the cost. There are tons of sterling silver wedding band styles to choose from. In addition, sterling silver can last a very long time when properly cared for.

Choose a Style

Whether you prefer solid sterling silver wedding bands or bands with gemstones, you will find a perfect fit. The style of your wedding band is a personal choice, and should reflect your own taste and budget.

Look for the Hallmark

A hallmark is a mark stamped on precious metals in order to certify their purity. All sterling silver wedding bands, in addition to all sterling silver jewelry, should be hallmarked as .925. This stamp is most commonly located on the inside of the band.

Consider the Band Width (No Pun Intended)

If your heart is set on a wedding band that is significantly thick, you may need to size up 1/2 size. A thin wedding band will normally be a perfect fit in your original size. What if you purchase a ring online without trying it on, and it’s too big or too small? You can always have sterling silver bands resized by a professional jeweler, with the exception of eternity rings with stones all around.

Personalize Your Wedding Bands

What can be more personal than getting your sterling silver wedding bands engraved? It is a personal, meaningful step in the process of purchasing your wedding bands. Even if the outside of the band is encrusted with gemstones, the inside can be engraved. Some examples of popular engravings are names, initials, dates, or special messages to your loved one. When you exchange sterling silver wedding bands on your wedding day, the engraving will be a beautiful surprise to your spouse.

Preventing Tarnish on Sterling Silver

In order to prevent tarnishing, keep your sterling silver wedding bands in their original box in a dry place. An anti-tarnish strip can also help your bands last a long time. If you notice a little discoloration on your sterling silver jewelry, don’t worry. A quick swipe with a polishing cloth will give it new life and an instant shine.

Ultimately, sterling silver wedding bands are an excellent choice for soon-to-be newlyweds on a budget. Thousands of options at affordable prices a dream come true!

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