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Big thanks to everyone attending our last English Breakfast Day.This year we made it coincide with Saint Patrick’s day and it was a great success!

Here are some photographs taken at the event. We had a really good time together and English was spoken at every spot in our school!

4th ESO students getting cakes and cupcakes ready for the party.


Students helped decorate the school’s canteen.


Extra help from our experienced Bachillerato students 🙂


Photocall accessories and let’s get the party started!

Save the date to our next English Breakfast Day at school.There’ll be food, music and some games in English.Join us on next Friday 17th of March at the break time.

23rd April, Saint George’s Day at the school

As every year the English Department organizes some Sant Jordi’s workshops at the school to celebrate such an important day together.

This year a Speed Dating workshop was proposed and it became very popular among young students.We hope more girls will join the workshop next year! 🙂

As part of this special day we also presented the awards to literacy creations in English at the school.Don’t waste your time and get a prize next year by participating in our contest!

Speed Dating
Speed dating forms
Our school team and the contest winners.



Tornem a celebrar el nostre ja habitual ‘English Breakfast Day’, aquest cop acompanyats pel seminari de francès que oferirà la seva particular versió sota el títol del ‘Le Petit Déjeuner’. La festa tindrà lloc el proper 15 d’abril a la zona de la cantina del nostre centre.

Recordeu que es tracta de practicar ambdues llengües i de no parlar català aquella estona. Ah! i a més tindrem uns boníssims crêpes fets pels alumnes a tan sols 1 euro! T’hi apuntes?


Els alumnes guanyadors del concurs ‘The Fonix 2015’ del nostre centre preparats per superar la propera fase territorial i endur-se un munt de premis a casa!

Molta sort a tots nois!

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