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History of Wireless Technologies


It took decades for wireless technologies to grow from just a simple concept to a revolutionary innovative technology integrated in devices from computers and handsets to microwave ovens. Michael Faraday may not have had a clue that his discovery of the principle of electromagnetic induction would also induce a domino effect which ultimately resulted in the development of wireless technologies that we use now.
Starting from radios wireless technologies basically grew out of proportion presently reaching the discovery of 4G connectivity. Human being’ constant desire to develop a much more efficient technology seems to have triggered the advancement of wireless technologies. At present WiFi Hotspots are found almost everywhere in urban buildings offering internet access to devices connected over Wireless LAN. Indoor access points let users connect to wired networks and are widely used in coffee shops and other public places.

The interesting past of wireless technologies

Faraday’s electromagnetic induction principles and Marconi’s discovery of wireless signal transmission brought forth a new idea of wireless communication. Funded by the US military in the World war era scientists eventually developed a short distance communication device for using in the battlefield which later went on to be a household device named Radio. However when electronic device manufacturers started funding creative and innovative ideas the radio found its successor in the form of wireless phones. The gigahertz radio frequencies then enabled point to multipoint or PMTP communication. This started the rapid evolution of wireless technologies.
Presently wireless internet service provider or WISP equipments are abundant supporting operation over licensed band of frequencies in UHF band. Wisp equipments can operate over 900 MHz to up to 5 GHz frequencies. Now customers can use CPEs or Customer Premises equipments such as wireless telephones WiFi routers set top boxes etc to distribute service providers’ services around the house via Wireless LAN.

Evolving from 1G to 4G

The technology implemented in cellular phones came to be known as the first generation wireless communication technology known as 1G. The wireless technology transmitted Analog signals at up to 2.4 Kbps and made it possible for users to make calls to other phones in the same country. It supported frequencies of upto 800 MHz. Data services were almost nonexistent in 1G.
Owing to the demand for better sound quality the 2G technology was developed. Even though this form wireless technology provided the same data rates of 1G the sound quality improved as it used Digital Circuit Switched technology. The D AMPS technology in 2G covered USA while the TDMA based Global System for Mobile communication GSM covered Europe when the technology was first introduced.
This paved the way for an interim evolution of 2G known as 2.5G with carrier frequencies of 200 kHz. The technology made its way to Asia in addition to Europe and USA. The services that came with the wireless technology included those offered by 2G such as Short messaging service Call forwarding caller ID and seamless roaming. The 2.5G technology made roaming calls possible letting subscribers make calls from different national boundaries provided the service provider allowed it. Base stations installed at fixed locations made this communication possible. GPRS and EDGE were the result of 2.5G.
Reaching a targeted rate of 2 Mbps data transfer the 3G technology arrived with global wireless frequencies enabling more phone calls per mobile and high speed data transfers for convenient video conferencing and streaming. 3G was first commercially launched in Japan by NTT DoCoMo in 2001featuring technologies like WCDMA CDMA2000 and UMTS. The carrier frequency went up to 5 MHz depending on the frequencies supported by different countries.
Just like 2.5G 3G also had an interim step up in the form of 3.5G more popularly known as Pre 4G. Although it didn’t get officially recognized as a standard by the ITU 3.5G was considered a first step to the next cellular technology generation then known as IMT Advanced which brought forth technologies like LTE and HSPA+.
The fastest cellular technology at present named as 4G uses Digital Broadband signals supporting data rates of up to 40 Mbps. The features included increased access and portability worldwide roaming and enhanced multimedia. Multichannel hi fi TV broadcasts and super fast HD video streaming are added advantages. It’s currently under development to support a wider range of frequencies. Based on all IP packet switched networks the 4G technology supports a scalable channel bandwidth ranging from 5 20 MHz.
The 4G system spectral efficiency has gone up to 3 bits Hz cell in the downlink and 2.25 bit Hz cell for using indoors. It provides the first opportunity for broadband access from remote locations. The growing divergence between telecom operators and vendors and the increased cost are supposedly the only weaknesses of this technology. The advent of 4G is presumed to squeeze the market competition in the mobile industry. FCC is currently seeking more unlicensed band of frequencies in the 5 GHz band to support gigabit range speeds for WiFi.

Other wireless technologies

The new 802.11 n is the latest wireless technology succeeding 802.11 b g a and can transmit multiple data streams through multiple antennas. Apart from cellular technologies from 1G to 4G one renowned and widely used wireless technology is the Bluetooth designed for sharing data at short distances. The Near Field Communication or NFC is another new technology that allows devices to establish radio communication with each other by just touching them together.
NFC is simple to set up and is basically used to boot more capable wireless connections at low speeds and to enable Bluetooth communication and file transfer faster. It can be used to share contacts photos videos and other files in a social networking platform and also gives easy access to multiplayer mobile games.


With the advent of innovative wireless technologies like LTE and NFC and many others the applications and use of wireless technology constantly expand exceeding expectations. This justifies the need for technological improvements that follow international standards. Owing to the enormous increase in demands for better connectivity and high bandwidth data usage on mobile devices further advancement of wireless technology is inevitable.
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How to Remove Tango Toolbar Virus

Do you know what Tango Toolbar Virus is? If your computer is infected by Tango Toolbar Virus do you know what to remove the virus? Here I introduce some useful information for you and help you to remove Tango Toolbar Virus thoroughly.

1. How to Ensure That Your Computer s Security is Maximized? One of the most important things to do is to continually update your system with the latest security patches as soon as they become available such as Windows Live Updates. Another important thing to do is to download a high quality piece of spyware and virus protection software.

2. What Are the Damages that Tango Toolbar Virus Can Do to your Computer? Once a computer virus or malware such as Tango Toolbar Virus has infected a computer system it will start running code that starts infecting other files on the system and also other PCs connected to its network. Tango Toolbar Viruses are able to duplicate themselves many times and typically cause the computer s processing speed to slow down significantly. Other harmful effects include loss of data slow processing speed and frequent crashing as well as strange behavior such as redirecting of the web browser and unauthorized changing of browser homepage etc.

3. How to Clean Out Your System of Tango Toolbar Virus? Manual way here Step 1 End its process by opening Task Manager.

C UsersUserName]AppDataRoamingGabPathGabPath.exe

C Users[UserName]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsjnipmo.exe

C Documents and Settings[UserName]Application DataGabpathGabpath.exe

C Documents and Settings[UserName]Application DataMicrosoftWindowsjnipmo.exe

Step 2 Registry files you need to delete

HKEY_USERSS 1 5 21 2333105494 1048492065 1185645942 1006SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion Run GabPath

HKEY_USERSS 1 5 21 2333105494 1048492065 1185645942 1006SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion Run SfKg6wIPuSp

Step 3 The files you need to delete

C UsersUserName]AppDataRoamingGabPathGabPath.exe

C Users[UserName]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsjnipmo.exe

C Documents and Settings[UserName]Application DataGabpathGabpath.exe

C Documents and Settings[UserName]Application DataMicrosoftWindowsjnipmo.exe

The fastest and most effective method would be to download antivirus antispyware software with scanning and cleaning capabilities. I have personally used a highly quality protection software that helped me clean out more than 300 errors on my system before. Once the cleaning process was done and my computer restarted many of the strange pop ups were gone and the system started running quickly like new again.

Are you looking to Remove Tango Toolbar Virus from your PC? Try Best Spyware Scanner now
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Stop Snoring Exercises

Snoring caused by a noise can be stopped through constant exercises. The best way to eliminate snoring is to exercise which we can call stop snoring exercises. Your main goal is to control and lose your body weight. It has been researched and it has been a fact that over weight has been a major factor that caused snoring. This means controlling and losing your weight will be able to give you a peacefully sleep without the tendency to snore.

They are exercises that aim at relaxing and strengthening the jaw tongue and the throat so that everything in your mouth reverts to a normal position while you sleep at night. If the tongue and jaw can become strengthened chances are you will not produce that loud annoying sound that is keeping everyone awake. Plus stop snoring exercises will make help you breath easier and make you feel a whole lot better.

On top of the stop snoring exercises it is also common that being overweight is a big cause of snoring. All you need is daily exercise routines in order to help you lose weight as well as staying healthy. Eating right couple with exercising on a daily basis will soon promote a difference in your sleeping habits and pattern. Not only you get to sleep better and wake up feeling fresher you and your spouse will also notice a big difference in your snoring within weeks.

You should also work to strengthen your tongue. This exercise may prove to be very beneficial in helping you to stop snoring. Stretch your tongue out as far as you can while keeping it straight. With your tongue fully extended move it as far as you can to either side of your mouth. Then try to touch your nose and chin with your tongue don t worry most people can t . Repeat 10 to 20 times daily.

There are two kinds of exercises to be followed to help with this problem. The first kind is the general exercise which may include something like walking or swimming. You must take up an exercise regime which is comfortable and not strenuous to you. This is because it is important for you to do it regularly rather than once in a while.

One effective trick that you can learn from this program is the fake yawning technique. When repeated for a sufficient number of times it really works to stop snores and allows a person to breathe more easily. This yawning process helps to open up the throat that allows easier air flow. Opening the throat stops a person from snoring therefore a person seeking to prevent snoring can try yawning a number of times a day.

Here is a sample exercise for you to try. Close your mouth and pretend to be chewing some gum. Chew steadily and remember to keep your lips closed. Do this for up to a minute stop if your jaw starts to feel tired this is an indication that your muscles are weak. You can do this for a few seconds a day and build up steadily to one minute. For extra effectiveness make a gentle humming noise as you chew. You should feel this opening up your throat.
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Fashion And Style Using The Right Body Paint

The younger generation is fond of making painting on body parts as a means to draw attention from others. The art of body paint originates from ancient time and now it has become a fashion to create tattoos and designs on various parts of the body for both sexes. This type of paint will last in the body for several hours or even weeks depending on the nature of paint used. It has become unique way to draw attention and modern women want to prove themselves as contemporary in all aspects. Now you have several options for making suitable body designs and you have choices for choosing the right designer for making drawings in your body.

Some men are crazy in making pictures of animals birds and even their favorite movie stars on their body. Further you can draw cartoon characters pictures and drawings of history your favorite place on earth and much more. The taste and pleasure of each one is different and each one of them has loads of ideas for making the desired drawing on the body. Liquid latex is a type of paint used for drawing pictures on body and you have range of colors and shades of this herbal product. It is basically obtained from rubber plantation and stem and bark of the plant are cut to take out of the latex. The markers are one form of painting used to draw pictures on body which gives transparent effect which resembles the art of tattoos. Unless you wash it off with soap and water the markers remain on the body for long time. There are plenty of colors and designs in markers and people use even silver color and gold color which looks appealing on the skin. Metallic colors create magic in the body skin and added with imaginative ideas it could make lot of difference in style and fashion.

Air brush designs are better in quality when compared with markers and it is safe to administer them on your tender skin without causing side effects. There are lots of commercial advertisements in which the artists use air brush painting for making pictures of new products on their body. The advantage in air brush body paint is it dries up fast and it is more flexible with body skin than markers.Earlier liquid latex was used only for make up but now people are crazy to use them for making designs on body parts. It takes minimum time to create wonderful designs using latex on the body and it can be washed off quickly.
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Bella Vi HCG Drops

The best advantage of taking Bella Vi HCG drops is that it specifically targets fats cells only and leaves the normal and structural fat tissues unbroken. This does not cause sagginess within the skin. In short the HCG drops are not only effective in losing extra fat cells but also maintains and improves the health of the body.

Losing weight is one of the prime motives of many people around the world today as obesity rates have been increasing for a long time. There are hundreds of weight loss programs diet plans workout schedules available over the internet whereas not all of these show significant results.

The only problem with these products is that they are not at all practical thus the results are harmful substandard and do not offer a long term solution.

Thinking of a healthy weight loss program the best solution would be the one that does not deprive you of wholesome food and require any time to go to the gym.

Bella Vi HCG drops help you lose weight quickly. It balances the hormones protects lean muscle mass and increases the metabolism in your body. The formula is composed up of HCG drops which are a natural substance that targets the hypothalamus in the human brain. Hypothalamus regulates the metabolism rate in the human body.

HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in pregnant women. Just after child birth mothers’ health was found to deteriorate which led to the discovery of HCG. This is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the body in order to nurture and protect the fetus transforming the fat reserves into nutrition for placenta.

When Bella Vi HCG drops is taken in small doses it turns the abnormal fat stored in the body around the abdomen upper arms and thigh area into fuel. When taken in combination with a low calorie diet it results in a rapid fat loss in people who have been trying to lose weight for a long time.

The best advantage of taking Bella Vi HCG drops is that it specifically targets fats cells only and leaves the normal and structural fat tissues unbroken. This does not cause sagginess within the skin. In short the HCG drops are not only effective in losing extra fat cells but also maintains and improves the health of the body.

Fortunately unlike other weight loss drops HCG drops do not cause any side effects and are very safe. According to health experts HCG is very effective for long lasting weight loss results. HCG is known to provide chemical reactions that activate daily fat release process in the body. To learn more about Bella Vi HCG drops please visit
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Micro Bikini Craze

Over the past 50 years women s swim wear has changed dramatically. We have gone from a period of women frequenting bathing spots fully clothed to women going to the beaches with barely anything on at all. However throughout these different eras in fashion one swimsuit item has remained consistently popular and ever changing along with the needs and desires of the modern woman and that s the bikini. The bikini trend escalated in 1960 when the song Yellow Polka Dot Bikini sang by Brian Hyland became an international hit. Since that time the bikini has become a common staple in the works of fashion designers all over the world.

Recently however a new style of bikini has emerged that has gained worldwide attention and that s the Micro Bikini. Micro bikinis have escalated in popularity over the last few years by women looking for a more daring look while traveling to their favorite sun bathing sites. With the recent craze over the micro bikini women can express themselves emphatically while wearing one of these small wonders. The micro bikini can accommodate any situation whether it s a fast paced party environment casual encounter or intimate relation. One of the most fantastic components to having a micro bikini is the sheer reality that owning one can make your body look fabulous. It s no surprise that women stemming from all over the world rush to their fashion outlets looking for a micro bikini that matches their particular lifestyle.

At the present time the micro bikini is perhaps the most popular beachwear around the globe. The micro bikini varies in style cut and amount of coverage that they offer which is a pertinent determining factor in the way women shop for their particular bikini. Depending on the type of coverage that a woman wants the micro bikini allows her to be totally individual with the detail of micro bikini she desires. The micro bikini allows for great versatility and flexibility for today s active woman. Many of today s female athletes movie stars and models add to the fashionable popularity of owning a micro bikini.

In a manner of speaking the micro bikini is a meaningful token in the lives of many of today s most elaborate and outspoken women that choose to own a piece of clothing that shows off their unique character and personality. The current micro bikini craze is rampant throughout the world with many European and American fashion designers clawing to develop the most flourishing and affective micro bikini to satisfy the wants and needs of our generation. Plain and simple they are selling like hot cakes and to own a micro bikini means to own a definitive part of the current era of fashion. Many women proclaim owning a micro bikini makes them feel beautiful and elegant which is their right. Why wouldn t you want to own a piece of clothing that makes you feel admirable and attractive?
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Softening Cracked Heels through herbal ayurveda remedies

Cracked heels are one of the most common beauty problems caused by drying of skin. The desire to wear attractive foot wear will remain just that with cracked heels. Cracked heels are also referred to as heel fissures. When these fissures are deep they may bleed and become painful. Some times they may also get infected.

Ayurveda classifies cracked heels under kshudra rogas common diseases without much complecations and explains the causes and remedies for cracked heels.

Cracks or fissures usually appear on outer edges of heels when the skin on these parts is dry and thick.

What causes cracked heels?

According to ayurveda the cracked heel is caused by vitiation of Vata. Due to vitiation of vata the skin becomes dry rough and fissured.

Walking bare foot for long distances vitiates vata causing cracked heels.

Dry and cold weather increases vata in body and may cause cracks on the heels. The same weather conditions worsen the already present cracks or fissures on heels.

Usually the process of sweating keeps our skin moist and soft. Absence of or inactive sweat glands cause dryness of skin. Vitiated vata dries up sweat glands.

People who have dry skin tend to develop cracked heels easily.

Continued pressure on feet causes cracking of skin on heels. This may be due to prolonged standing or over weight.

Thin soled shoes Open backed shoes heel spurs Surgery of lower extremities flat feet high arched feet and diseases like psoriasis eczema etc also cause fissured heels.

Self care for cracked heels

Avoid thin soled shoes or footwear and open backed shoes.

Use pumice stone bars to remove thick dead skin of heels.

Apply medicated herbal balm which keeps the skin of heels soft and closes fissures.

Liberal application of herbal moisturizing lotion keeps your feet soft and attractive.

The skin of feet lacks oil glands. Hence apply herbal moisturizing lotion before going to bed and put on cotton socks. This tip helps to maintain the softness of skin of heels.

Reduce body weight and do not stand for a long time.

Never cut hard edges of fissures with blade scissors or razor.

Diabetic patients should immediately consult their physician if the fissures persist for a long time and show color changes. A regular foot bath and foot massage helps to keep the skin on heals healthy and soft.
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How to Do the Hot Sitz Bath Properly

Hemorrhoids are becoming very common these days. Almost 50% of Americans over the age of 50 are affected by this condition. But according to statistics only a small number seek medical attention. This is probably because people would immediately assume that once they have hemorrhoids surgery will be the only choice to cure it. This is actually not the case there are numerous alternative methods to free you from the discomfort brought about by hemorrhoids.

One great alternative hemorrhoid treatment today is hot sitz bath. Experts are urging hemorrhoid patients to use this remedy. This treatment is best for patients who are suffering mild to moderate cases. How do experts define sitz bath? Sitz bath is a term which refers to the method of soaking the affected portion with warm water. There are also instances that you can include salt or baking soda in sitz bath to maximize the healing effect.

There are many benefits in using hot sitz treatment. One of those benefits is instant comfort and relief for patient from irritation burning and painful symptoms due to hemorrhoids. Another is it can remove any infection in the anal area inside and out. Experts have found out that regular application of sitz bath can entirely remove mild hemorrhoids on patients. Others are even permanently free from hemorrhoid pain when some other treatments are used as well. Hot sitz baths are very cheap when considering the number of benefits from this method. With just $10 worth of materials anyone can avail this alternative treatment.

The hot sitz bath is quite easy to use. First thing that you have to do is place your sitz bath basin over your toilet make sure that it is properly placed so that it will not shift. Then you can fill the basin with warm water. Most of the sitz bath sets will come with a solution bag and a tube. Fill the bag with water and hang it up higher than the level of the toilet. The tube will serve as the pathway from the solution bag to the sitz bath. The whole process of soaking the area should last for 10 20 minutes only unless otherwise stated by your physician.

For those who are concern of the safety of sitz bath treatment you don’t have to worry at all. You can use it every day or even many times a day as medical experts recommended. There are no serious side effects on this alternative hemorrhoid treatment. All you need to make sure is the cleanliness of your sitz bath set the water solution and your toilet. You must prevent the germs from spreading into your sitz bath set.

In order to prevent the hemorrhoids from reoccurring it is advised to supplement this treatment with a proper diet. And eating a lot of fibers is very beneficial to prevent hemorrhoids. Fibers are necessary to soften the stool and regulate bowel movements. Regular bowel movements will prevent constipation and minimize the strain during bowel movements. It is very easy to treat hemorrhoids on their early stage. It is not always necessary to go under surgery once you have hemorrhoids. You must ask your physician for alternative hemorrhoid treatments for they might be enough to cure your condition.
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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Whether you like it or not Christmas is on it’s way and now’s the time to buy the gifts Mothers daughters sisters wives girlfriends – they all deserve something truly special this Christmas and we have some of the best gift experience and special present ideas to make any woman happy on the 25th of December.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is the ever popular choice of gift for women worldwide. If you have to buy for a work colleague a distant relative or you’ve got someone in a secret Santa that you’re not too familiar with chocolate is pretty fool proof. Readily available in hampers boxes tins or even in select alcoholic beverages chocolate is definitely an easy option and has an extremely high success rate

2. Wine Tasting Experience

Ideal for any family member or close friend over the age of 18 a wine tasting experience is something most people have never had the opportunity to take part in before. A true day of luxury and fun wine tasting is perfect for couples or small groups of friends and is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable day for all involved and you may even learn a few good tips

3. Afternoon Tea Gifts

A girly afternoon drinking tea eating sandwiches and delicious cakes is what most women would adore and being set in a stunning top class hotel or manor house makes this the perfect gift for any lucky lady in your life. They’ll be treated to 5 star service amazing food and have time to relax and enjoy their afternoon in peace with a close friend to keep them company.

4. Spa Day

Spa days are the ultimate in relaxation pampering and enjoyment. With a range of treatments to be had from massages to facials manicures to salt scrubs there is something for absolutely everyone. Most spas also give you the option of using their vast range of facilities throughout the day so you can relish the day for as long as you’d like.

5. Makeover Day

Makeover days are suitable for women and men if you’d like to join in of all ages. They can be experienced alone or with a friend depending on the package and can be enjoyed for an entire day out Make up hair styling and a photoshoot are included ending in a viewing session to see and pick which of your amazing photos you’d like to take home and the received could even be lucky enough to be treated to a glass of Bucks Fizz or two
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Joran Van Der Sloot arrested, an Astrology Analysis

Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot born August 6 1987 at 10 38 PM in Arnhem Netherlands is a Dutch national who lived in Aruba. He is charged in US related to the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway who disappeared in Aruba on May 30 2005 and is the main suspect in the murder investigation of Stephany Flores Ramirez who died on May 30 2010 in Lima Peru exactly five years after Holloway’s disappearance.

According to Vedic Astrology Joran is a Pisces ascendant ruled by Jupiter with ascendant degree at 6 degrees 54 minutes. The ascendant lord of an astrology chart tells a lot about the character of a person whether a person is a killer or a criminal or a thief or a business person or a spiritual person. When the Ascendant lord in any astrology chart is connected with the Badhaka obstruction house 8th house 12th house through constellations nakshatras and is placed in that part of the zodiac ruled by planets which are significators of Badhaka house 8th house and 12th house the person will be a killer a criminal or a thief and will not be fair to other people in their dealings. Since Joran is a Pisces ascendant so the 7th house of relationships is a Badhaka house in his astrology chart. The Ascendant lord Jupiter is in Ketu’s constellation and Ketu is placed in the Badhaka house in Mercury’s sign. Ketu is in 7th house it represents Mercury the Badhaka planet and Mercury is in 12th lord Saturn’s constellation. Ketu is in 5th house lord Moon’s constellation which represents sex and love affairs. As the ascendant lord Jupiter is connected with Badhaka house 12th house and 5th house at same time so the astrology chart clearly indicates Joran is a killer and is involved in sex trade profession.

For Pisces ascendant Mercury rules the 7th house which is the Badhaka house a killer house. Venus rules 8th house of punishment and Saturn rules 12th house of confinement. In Joran’s astrology chart almost every planet is either in Mercury’s constellation or Saturn’s constellation or Venus’s constellation the three evil planets for Pisces ascendant. This indicates the person will be a killer a very unfortunate person in life and will spend considerable amount of time in confinement. In order for a person to spend time in prison the significators of 3rd house leaving one’s home 8th house punishment by law fine 12th house confinement and of course the significators of Badhaka house must operate in their lifetime through mahadasha Bhukti Anthara. Joran has many planets in his astrology chart connected with these houses. Joran was going through Venus mahadasha 3rd 8th lord in the constellation of 12th lord Saturn Mercury bhukti Badhaka planet in the constellation of 12th lord Saturn and Saturn anthara 12th lord in the constellation of badhaka lord Mercury when he was arrested in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Halloway in May June 2005. Finally he came out of Prison in December 2007 for lack of enough evidence when Joran entered Mars bhukti in Nov 2007. Planet Mars saved him last time as Mars is the best planet for Pisces ascendant because it rules 2nd and 9th house . Then Joran remain outside prison during Rahu and Jupiter Bhukti’s in Sun mahadasha as Jupiter is the ascendant lord and Rahu is in Jupiter sign. Last year in November Joran came under the influence of Saturn Bhukti the ruler of 12th house in Badhaka planet Mercury’s constellation. Moon anthara the significator of 3rd and 8th house operated in Mercury’s Bhutki starting May 31st 2010 when Joran became the main suspect in the murder investigation of Stephany Flores Ramirez who died on May 30 2010.

This time Joran is in deep trouble because he is in Saturn bhukti the ruler of 12th house in Badhaka planets Mercury’s constellation and transit Saturn is aspecting the transit Jupiter the ruler of Joran’s Pisces ascendant at this moment. Transit Saturn is going to aspect transit Jupiter couple of times until March 2011. So this will be a difficult time for Joran and the planetary energy is indicating prison time for him. Transit Saturn will aspect natal Jupiter the ascendant lord in the months of Nov Dec 2011 a very bad time.

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