Responsible Innovation & Agri/Cultures

The Agri/Cultures Project was recently given some attention by the Giannino Bassetti Foundation, with our project profiled and introduced to their members, supporters and readers. The Bassetti Foundation has a mission to promote responsible innovation in various fields of technoscience.


Responsible Innovation is a relatively new governance discourse that is rapidly being taken up in European policy, particularly for seeking to ensure that the development of emerging technologies like biotechnology, nanotechnology and synthetic biology moves in desirable directions. The Agri/Cultures project seeks to generate empirical knowledge on the impacts of agricultural biotechnologies on socio-ecological systems through their development and use and to consider these impacts in light of criteria of sustainability, ethical justifiability and social utility. As such, it is very interested in to what implications the emerging ideas of what constitutes responsible research and innovation have for a technology already in use, such as GM crops, and for their governance. We are very supportive of the work the Bassetti Foundation is doing on the important issue of advancing responsible innovation and look forward to future discussions about how this may be achieved in the case of agricultural biotechnology.