Team Meeting in Tromsø: September 2015

In September we had a team meeting in the beautiful Norwegian city of Tromsø.

The meeting aimed at discussing our advances so far, and preparing for the next round of field work now that the maize harvesting season is about to arrive in Spain. We also had time to discuss our next steps in our communication strategy, the analysis of the interviews and the future team and advisory meetings we plan for in South Africa and Oslo. The meeting also coincided with the first anniversary of the project, so we also took some time for evaluating the progress of the project during this period (and reporting on this to our funders!), as well as celebrating the achievements so far. Fortunately we were also able to meet and share our thoughts in an informal way over meals and relaxation time since we were all staying together in the magnificent Kaldfjord. This location also gave us wonderful views of some very impressive auroras early in the season.


Our meeting also included a workshop on the software that we are using for  data management, excerpting, coding, and analysis (Dedoose) with our colleagues from the SEED (Society, Ecology and Ethics Department) at GenØk. Also during our meeting days, GenØk held a breakfast seminar for teenagers at the Tromsø library to talk about some of its research projects and were able to use this opportunity to have our first public showing of our introductory video of the Agri/Cultures project, which was a very nice – and unexpected – “premiere” for our movie.

For conducting our evaluation of the project and its progress so far, we decided to do it in the “Norwegian way” and climb a mountain! In other words, we performed our evaluation in the style of a “walkshop” – going beyond traditional forms of academic interaction by working and talking while walking.

Tromso mountain

It was a great opportunity to enjoy the Norwegian countryside, while evaluating the project, our work and relations in a more relaxed and inspiring way! We have no doubt that this evaluation will help us continue the next year of the project with the same level of energy, enthusiasm, interest, engagement and success that we saw throughout our first year.

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