Introductory short movie to The Agri/Cultures Project

Ladies and gentlemen! Damer og herrer!

Damas y caballeros! 

We are glad to present you today our introductory short movie to The Agri/Cultures Project!

It summarises in only three minutes what this project is about and you can find it dubbed in Spanish and Norwegian in our Youtube and Vimeo channels. This is the first video of a series of short movies that we will create during the development of this project to show some aspects of our research on maize agrifood relational networks.

Actually, one of the aims of this project is to explore new ways to capture and communicate scientific results to non-specialisied audiences. We think it is essential to make efforts to transcend the scientific bubble and the scientific public and give knowledge back to the rest of society, especially if it is publicly funded. This is our first humble step towards that end, although we know there is room for improvement and experimentation on this area.

We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to everyone who helped making it!

PS. We are interested in knowing more research projects that use short videos to communicate results. Do you know of any?

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