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We also have an shs half teeth piston with full steel teeth

SHS is very well known for their high quality gears. We carry the following springs of theirs: m110, m120, m130, m140, m150, m160, m170, m190. Once you have a wholesale account with us, you will be able to see our wholesale prices and easily create orders through our secure online store.

We wholesale a variety of shs airsoft parts. We provide high quality pictures for you to use, as well as descriptions. We specialize in selling AEG airsoft parts.

SHS’s motors have neodymium magnets, which greatly increases their performance. We have SHS 13:1 high speed gears, 16:1 high speed gears, 18:1 standard torque gear set, 100:300 high torque gears, 100:200 high torque gears, and 32:1 high torque gears. You can go to our Wholesale Airsoft page to learn how to become a dealer. Their springs are variable pitch springs. We also have their high torque and high speed motor. SHS gears are CNC machined which makes they very reliable. We are looking for retailers to carry our products. We have both long and short style shs motors. We have shs airsoft pistons with a single steel tooth, 3 steel teeth, 7 steel teeth, and full steel teeth. Raptors Airsoft now distributes shs airsoft products and tactical mounts.

We carry SHS springs as well. Your orders will usually be shipped the same day.

SHS pistons are made out of nylon which has advantages over polycarbonate pistons.

In our wholesale program, we stress customer service.

We also have the following shs parts: anti-reversal latch hop up bucking, g36 hop up chamber, m4 hop up chamber, version 2 and version 3 tappet plates, air nozzles for m4, mp5, and AK, V2 and V3 cylinder heads, BB showers, D hole pinion gear, m4 magazine release button, bolt catch, switch assembly, 8mm, 7mm, and 6mm China 24 Volt DC Motors Manufacturers metal bushings, 8mm and 7mm ball bearing bushings, 8mm and 7mm bearings with cross slot, AK selector plate, M4 selector plate, rear sight, shim set.

Raptors Airsoft is an internet based retailer and distributor of airsoft gear.

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