21 Aug 2019

Construction jobs and are environment friendly

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With a lifting power more than adequate to perform all interior lifting, the crawler crane offers the ideal solution both in terms of cost and work efficiency is helping developers comply with environmental and noise regulations, thanks to its new fleet of crawler cranes. That means that building companies are able to save money on the cost of their lifts at the same time as taking care of the environment – and complying with the health and safety regulations that are in place to protect the hearing of their workers. The electric setting on the crawler allows a building contractor China Electric Tricycle Manufacturers to comply with all of these regulations without compromising the efficiency of its project team. Working inside buildings carries specific legislation regarding fumes, emissions and noise levels. The cranes, which are small and agile enough to fit into even the smallest lifting space, and yet strong enough to perform heavy lifting duties when they get there, operate with dual power sources – meaning that they can run entirely on electricity if required.

Small spaces no problem for new fleet of Crawler cranes from City Lifting

Essex, United Kingdom, January 10th, 2011 – Legendary lifting solutions provider City Lifting.

The crawler cranes supplied by City Lifting require no trained operator because they are remote controlled. This is ideal for renovation and refurbishment work, where initial clearing often requires the lifting power of a crane, but in interior spaces where a traditional set of lifting gear cannot go.citylifting.

City Lifting is a UK based crane hire firm offering a wide range of radio controlled mini crawler cranes that ease out construction jobs and are environment friendly at the same time.

The upshot of which is that any job where noise levels are a concern, or where interior work requires emissions regulation (electric power means no fumes at all), is no problem.

The mini crawler cranes supplied by City Lifting are remote controlled, and kitted out with several sets of high traction, super soft wheels – meaning they can be “driven” into tiny or very difficult to reach spaces.

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