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Ingrown ToenailsHeeled shoes often do not have enough space to fit your toes. They are better than stilettoes. Heels also keep your feet stuck in an unnatural position, increasing stress on your joints and even adding symptoms of arthritis.ShocksWhen you’re wearing heels, the toes undergo excess pressure due to being pushed towards the front of the shoe and take pressure off your heel. The longer you wear walk in heels, the worse your pain will be the next day. Left untreated, ingrown toenails can become infected. The little and the big toes are the worst hit and under most pressure. Joint PainEveryone who wears heels knows how feet and ankles can hurt at the end of the day but this may just be the beginning. This can gradually cause the toenails to start growing inward. If you’re experiencing any pain in your feet, ankles, knees or lower back, it is a good idea to see your podiatrist or foot doctor for treatment.To learn more about foot and ankle injuries and treatment in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, call Oasis Foot and Ankle Clinic at 602-993-2700 Now. Carry more comfortable shoes with you so that you can change into them as soon as you want to. The resultant rubbing and pressure can cause callus formation.• Ask your podiatrist for orthopedic pads or orthotic devices to add comfort and support to your heeled shoes. Regularly wearing heels, especially the ones with pointed toes, subject your toes to excessive pressure.• Consider stylish, flatter shoes. Do you know your favorite, stylish, high heels pose several risks for your feet and your body? Shoes that keep your toes squeezed, your body unnaturally angled and your posture poor, can’t be that good, can they?Read more to learn about the risks heels present and consult lightning arrester price a podiatrist or foot doctor if you are already facing one or more of the following problems. This can be an extremely painful condition. On the other hand, flat shoes distribute the pressure throughout the foot. • Wear brands that offer heels in comfort styles.CallusesCalluses may not be health hazards unless they are deep enough to strain the nerves but calluses make your feet look extremely unattractive, especially when you bring out your strappy sandals in the summer.• Do not wear heels for long periods of time.Lower Back PainIf you have to move around a great deal while wearing heels, it can cause your pelvis to push forward, putting considerable pressure on the lower back.. With time, this would create an imbalance, wearing out the natural padding on the ball of your foot. Oasis Foot and Ankle Centers offer cutting edge surgical and nonsurgical treatments for foot and ankle conditions and injuries.If you still have to wear heels, keep these tips in mind –• Wear platform heels instead. Heels are structured such that they cause your ankles and knees to compensate for any shocks while you walk.

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