These results have caused such concern among health officials

These results have caused such concern among health officials that some politicians are considering new laws to control the air purifier industry, particularly those which produce ozone as a by-product of their operation.

Because of the efficiency of hepa air filters in improving indoor air quality, you no longer have to choose between your Slotted plate beloved pets and your family’s health.

This level of ozone produced by ionic air purifiers would be a major cause of concern to the agencies who monitor air quality in our cities.

Ironically, the same ionic air purifiers that consumers are purchasing to alleviate allergies, asthma, sinus trouble, and other chronic respiratory problems may be doing more harm than good because ozone irritates the lungs.

Unlike the electrostatic indoor air filters, which work by charging airborne pollutants so that they are attracted to electrodes, hepa air purifiers never produce ozone.3 microns. Too much ozone in our environment can lead to fits of coughing, infections in the respiratory tract, and an inability to breathe deeply. Sometimes, during this study, the ozone concentration in a room was found to be so heavy that it would have instigated a smog alert at the Stage 2 level if it had been detected in these amounts outside.

For years manufacturers of ionic air purifiers have touted their product as being the most efficient way to keep a room sufficiently ventilated. Ozone in the air we breathe each day is a different matter entirely. We have numerous models which are affordably priced to keep you confident that the air you are breathing is indeed good for your health. They can, however, effectively remove chemicals, dust, pesticides, and pollen from the air. Scientists at the University of California Irvine discovered that ozone producing air purifiers have a cumulative effect which can bring the ozone levels in a room to beyond recommended standards. Those people who live in smaller, well-insulated homes are especially vulnerable to ozone build-up from running an ionic air purifier. This ozone at the higher levels of the atmosphere is necessary and valuable. According to the American Lung Association, hepa air filters, such as those manufactured by Austin Air, IQAir, and Amaircare, may eliminate close to one hundred percent of airborne contaminants that are at least . Why not get the facts today? Your family is worth an investment in cleaner air!

. Parents seriously searching for the best way to improve indoor air quality to keep their children breathing as freely as possible should consider purchasing a hepa Solar Battery Accessories air purifier.

If you desire the best quality of air for yourself and your family, it may be time to check out the wide variety of hepa air purifiers available at Clean Air Plus., et al who studied the adverse effects of an over abundance of ozone in the air on human health. In fact, the air sometimes became so contaminated with ozone that it exceeded the amount that should safely be allowed in the air outdoors.D. This study leaves no doubt that too much ozone can have detrimental consequences over time, resulting in more deaths from respiratory illnesses. Recent research, however, seems to repudiate these claims and indicates that these companies may be leading consumers down a dangerous path.

The researchers in the UCI study tested several brands of ionic air purifiers to compare the amount of ozone being produced at forty or fifty percent relative humidity. Even those with asthma, chemical sensitivities, or cardiovascular problems may experience fewer problems after the installation of a hepa air purifier results in a reduction of indoor air pollution.

However, good, clean, filtered air is possible. They are aware of evidence provided by Michael Jarrett, Ph.

Almost everyone is aware of the protective layer of ozone that prevents harmful rays of the sun from reaching the earth. They tested in a variety of rooms and found some serious issues with excessive ozone contamination

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