Shirt uses a single needle sewing

Chest V-shaped area that best reflects the men’s taste in clothes, so the shirt sloppy shirtMoreover, personal clothing, the shirt quality advantages and disadvantages ofbring people’s feelings differ materially.

From the shoulder seam and sleeve seam connection lines can be seen that a shirtis a top grade. The same time, the senior shirt uses a single needle sewing and packet bonepractices can sew 22 stitches per inch, more than double the effort than the ordinaryshirt, and cored wire. On the shoulders of the pattern, plaid, and the patternon the sleeves, plaid no less right up. They feature after mercerizationand pre-shrink-shrinkage deformation, both strong and gentle, sophisticated, andcomfortable to wear.
Line of sewing shirts and fabric compatibility, high temperature in the iron does not melt.

Fashion wholesale dress
First of all, a good shirt selection of mostly European high count yarn double-stranded cotton fabric, such as the Swiss Alumo100 to 200 pairs yarn Egyptian cotton, Italian Thomasmason Sea Island cotton, etc.8 to 2 mm, andcurved. Some senior shirts are also made of the Australian pearl shells to makebuttons on the shirt with double the number of stitches sewn in both solid and wear, but also a long time to maintain a delicate and beautiful and glossy. korean fashion wholesale clothings Senior shirt seam lines should be smooth and simple, does notsuddenly coarse suddenly thin. To do so you may start to feel anything, but a Polyester yarns for knitting in China long time, you will feel greatly enhance the toughness and wear resistance to these intentions, shirts, shirts last longer.

Shirt and also pay attention to the thickness should be between 1. Senior shirtbutton door (that is, the button holes) should be handmade, like the door knob softthan by machine. In order to ensure the quality of shirts will use New Zealand thanthe ordinary shirt, double door stitch to sew the New Zealand gate.

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