Continually reminded of the importance

As the warm weather continues for many people in the UK we are continually reminded of the importance to be aware of the dangers inherent in staying out too long unprotected in direct sunlight. In many cases parasols and awnings tend to reduce the sunlight creating the effect of a slightly shaded area, but the reality is that the UV radiation penetrates the fabric very easily, causing significant skin damage. Shaded Nation is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of garden canopies and sail shades, all capable of cutting out up to 90% of UV radiation.

A garden canopy from Shaded Nation is unlike other garden canopies, awnings, gazebos and parasols which have all been used by both homeowners and business owners in offering a degree of shade and protection.

The range of garden canopy solutions and triangle shade sails available from Shaded Nation are made of a special material which not only cuts out a significant proportion of the bright light, creating a cool and comfortable area of shade, but they are also capable of cutting out up to 90% of UV radiation. There have only been a very limited range of solutions like awnings and parasols which can help to provide at least a level of protection. Despite being able to cut out so much of the harmful radiation from the sun, a garden canopy from Shaded Nation still allows air to flow through the material, ensuring that the area underneath is cool and comfortable, and both safe and fresh.Kent, United Kingdom (prHWY. In many other cases awnings and gazebos which cut out a significant amount of the sunlight are made from a material or fabric which is so thick that it also blocks air flow, creating a rather stale and stagnant atmosphere in the September 1, 2010 – For Immediate Release

Whilst awnings, gazebos and parasols all offer a reasonable amount of protection from direct sunlight, a garden canopy from Shaded Nation offers a China IFR Stage Curtain Fabrics For Sale completely different solution. This range of previously accepted ways of protecting skin from sunlight is now being put firmly in the shade by a revolutionary new alternative provided by Shaded Nation.

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