Lives of both customers and people in need

The company byline is “Jewelry made with love, for you~” and Aimee shows her care in her charity work. Aimee not only works with customers on original designs, but she also makes predesigned pieces to fit. Aimee’s Jewelry & Things is an online jewelry store where beauty and caring come together for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Aimee’s Jewelry & Things will soon feature a new seasonal line Valve Pressure Suppliers in China of jewelry and gifts. She fashions jewelry at her home in Buffalo, New York and ships items to customers worldwide. Besides the fibromyalgia donations, Aimee is also working with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to donate 50 percent of the proceeds of her “65 Roses” bracelet to that cause. However, she would always prefer to work out issues to the customers’ satisfaction so that they can go away with hand crafted jewelry to cherish for a lifetime. Since then, her business has flourished and she has added social media to her business model, including a blog about hand crafting. Aimee has been noted in Inspirational Woman Magazine, a new online publication which celebrates the achievements and wisdom of women. The upcoming fall line promises to be especially exciting, with new designs and gifts to suit the time of year. Her charity piece Hope for Christine is a testament to her caring nature. Customer care is a high priority for her. I’ve never had a complaint, and customers always rave about the finished product. The special is a Swarovski pearl bracelet with a . Yet, this piece has a special significance. Aimee Waterman, of Aimee’s Jewelry & Things, announced today that she is offering the Hope for Christine bracelet to help raise money to find a cure for fibromyalgia.

Aimee’s original, copyrighted jewelry creations are available for purchase at her online store. That makes me light up!”

Aimee also works to make Aimee’s Jewelry & Things an online jewelry store where customers can shop with confidence. Aimee makes all of her jewelry to a high standard of quality and originality.

The Hope for Christine bracelet, like all the items at Aimee’s Jewelry & Things, is designed and hand crafted by Aimee herself. Aimee has chosen to donate proceeds from the bracelets to fibromyalgia research in honor of her mother who has suffered from the disorder for 15 years.

Aimee is a single mom, working from home to be near her young children. Aimee is committed to making sure a purchase from her online jewelry store is a happy experience for any customer who visits her site.

Aimee Waterman uses her online jewelry store, Aimee’s Jewelry & Things, to touch the lives of both customers and people in need.

Customer input is an integral part of the Aimee’s Jewelry & Things business. Aimee Waterman has been making hand crafted jewelry since 2001. She is working now to build a relationship with the Fibromyalgia foundation to get a bigger impact with her bracelet project. She started up Aimee’s Jewelry & Things website 8 months ago to reach a wider customer base for her creations.

Aimee says of her creative process, “I love creating pieces that are unique and I also love making custom designs with my clients.999 pure silver butterfly charm that is Aimee’s company logo. She also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to back up that ideal. It is also a proof of her exceptional talent in creating hand crafted jewelry.

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