Drunk Shoppers Are Buying Pricey Lingerie and Heels

Negative Underwear Photo: Driely S. lingerie china What exactly are drunk shoppers most likely to purchase online at midnight on a Friday, right after they’ve gotten back from the bar? $300 worth of lingerie and heels so expensive they wouldn’t have bought them in the light of day.

Inspired by previous tipsy shopping Wholesale Bikini research, Racked checked in with the shopping statisticians at e-comm site Lyst to see what data they could provide about the phenomenon. It turns out there is a pattern that reveals itself on Friday, and not on Monday, nights. Lyst told Racked that 48% more orders are made at 2am on a Friday compared to a Monday.

This is all based on the assumption that people drink much more on Friday night then they do on Monday (this isn’t scientific but we’re going to go ahead and say that checks out). Here are some more drunk shopping facts:

Shopping after 1am = danger zone. Lyst reports that the average order value at midnight is over 30% higher on a Friday night compared to a Monday night. Past 1am, the average order value increases to over 40%.

Women get drunk and buy $300 worth of lingerie on Friday nights. Evening sales of lingerie increase 50% on Friday. The average Friday night order value for lingerie also goes up over 140% percent, from $126 to $308.

Late night shoppers are into dresses. Post midnight sales of dresses are 320% higher on a Friday compared to a Monday.

Then they buy $$ shoes to match. Sales of shoes doubled in the wee hours on Friday compared to Mondays, with shoppers adding heels, platform heels, and sandals to their carts. They’re shelling out way more too: heels purchased cost 165% more on a Friday evening a 10pm than on a Monday.

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