Fetish and Nylon Stockings

Ever since E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Inc. announced the invention of nylon in October 27, 1938, the beauty sexy lingerie supplier  of nylon stockings made seductive photographs everywhere from magazines to calendars. It has created a different kind of stimulus in terms of texture, its touch is comforting, lingering and can enhance confidence to womanhood in general.

Pictures of women clad in soft nylon stockings or hosieries are typically acceptable as sexy bedroom posters. In the Internet, they are harmless enough but closely knit as adult imagery. Why? It is because nylon stocking pictures could be associated with fetish orientation.

It is not a mystery why nylon stockings are included from objects associated with fetishism. Fetishism is sexual stimulus ignited by specific objects. It is partly a genetic trait in nature and has psychological background common to certain people who experience arousal upon seeing specific items. The most desired object to top it all is a pair of fanciful shoes that goes along with beautiful feet. No wonder why in 960 to 970 Sung Dynasty in China afflicted generations of women just because the prince has fetish for small feet. During those times, it made marriage arrangement arduous if ladies feet had not been bound as imposed.cheap lingerie sets

Another popular and favorite object is keeping sets of nylon stockings and different hosieries, lingerie and the like. Most of the other items of interest are termed as inanimate objects or certain parts of the body. Fetishism only becomes a disorder the moment it starts to cause danger to others. General inclination to its practice is not an illness but due to environmental factor, though considered an uncommon orientation

In the Internet, pictures of women in nylon stockings had created great revenue from soft porn to hardcore porn. Women posing with nylon stockings as additional props look even sexier than being nude. Although psychology and books had made scientific descriptions on how pictures of women in nylon stockings create impact to mostly male’s visual satisfaction, it is still complex question why it has formed a deeply rooted impact on a child’s development that a fetishist do not need a human partner to satisfy themselves himself.


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