Free Business Listing & Callsified Ads Site India

Free Business Listing Callsified Ads In India

Free business listing & classified ads for your company with your products and services on

JustCityPlace gives you the chance to register a free local business listing india. This does not cost money.

FAnearme gives you the chance to register a free classified site india. This does not cost money.

See if your case is already listed on the website and if all your information is still correct.

Registering only costs little of your time. You can already stand in 2a3 minutes.

Do not worry, this site will definitely not just be a paid website.

The website of JustcityPlace & Fanearme has been updated and is new!

We now give you the opportunity to build your network. Companies can maintain their business contacts through this website. Thanks to this website, your relations know what is going on within your company.
Also let your readers know your reports and vision. You can also show your business and services to your readers.
Finally, you will also have the opportunity to place your open positions and to set up a group. This group is then visible to anyone who is interested in your company.

The chances of JustcityPlace & Fanearme;

Add your company to the site for free including your information.
High rank in Google
Building relationships. The matters with which you build this up will receive regular updates on what is going on in your company.
Create groups. People who are interested can join this group.
Show current affairs. Everyone will know what is going on in your company.
Share your view of doing business with visitors and discover how they go along with it.
Show your offered things and possibilities. All on their own page for more overview.
Place your open positions.
Show your portfolio.
Post your customers’ experiences.
Get and show your contacts from other websites.
Fast connection with your customers.
Free advertising for your company!

Do you also want more visitors to your website? Add your business now, completely free of charge!


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