Remote control cars are considered toys for big boys. But the truth is, kids and adults from both sexes can enjoy the thrill of controlling a mini-machine with much power like a nitro remote-control car. Any RC car enthusiast can choose among a wide array of car models, from Ferraris to Lamborghinis and Porsches. Nitro RC cars are different from ordinary RC cars in that they are built for speed of more than 75 mph. Therefore, these cars are perfect for racing indoors and especially great for racing outdoors. However, because of the speed, it is not an RC car designed for beginners. Only experienced racers will enjoy this type of RC car.Remote control cars, when delivered, come assembled and are ready to use. They are usually electrically-powered but there are also those that are gas-powered, like the nitro RC cars that are run on nitro methane gas.

Nitro RC cars have many intricate parts that are seen in real cars. Some parts include air filters to prevent the entry of dirt in the engine, gears that transfer power from the engine to the cars transmission, and carburetor adjustment screws to control the idling speed. It also comes with a pull start mechanism just like the ones found in lawn mowers. There are many other parts that make up the complex design of a nitro RC car that are too many to mention.The enjoyment of the nitro RC car comes in the ability of the user to do precise movements with the aid of the remote control. The steering of the car can be done gently or aggressively, depending on the call of the situation. Acceleration can, likewise, be controlled. Going from zero speed to full-speed can be done with the remote control just like in real race cars in a matter of seconds.But of course, as it is with all kinds of machines, wear and tear can take its toll on nitro RC cars. Errors and problems may occur anytime before, during and after its run. Dont forget that with great speed may come many damages to your RC car.

You and you alone will know if something has gone bad just by looking at the way potatoes chips production line it runs. Make sure, at all times, that you double-check your car before hitting the tracks especially with your nitro RC car.The most important thing to check on would be the engine. If the car suddenly stops at mid-run, there could be a problem with the engine. You may have to replace the piston sleeve of your engine. Usually, the changing of type of fuel can have a negative effect on the general performance of your car. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a good observation of changes in smoke and engine sound.When buying the fuel for your car, make sure you buy the fuel especially for RC cars.Fuel for nitro RC cars is a combination of methyl alcohol, lubricants and nitro methane.More nitro content in the fuel gives the car more power. These cars are usually more expensive. A good start would be 10% nitro. More advanced users can do well with 20% nitro. Having some background on nitro RC cars is a must for nitro RC car owners. You should be aware of the power this little machine can generate and how it does that. Trouble shooting will not be possible if you do not know anything about the parts and their functions. If I were you, read more about this special power remote control car.