The Use of Hot Stone Massage to the Body

Even in ancient times for medicinal purposes were used with hot volcanic stones. All the benefits from their use were known to the peoples of the East, as well as the Indians of Central America. The ancient physicians Japan, China and Tibet also used hot stones for the treatment of diseases. Today, this massage was the “highlight” of all beauty salons. But what is the use of hot stones massage for the body?

Now use two methods of massage with hot stones: the US and the eastern. For the procedure should be used only special stones of volcanic rock. It is these stones have a large number of micro and macro elements that are so essential to the human body.

It is believed that volcanic rock stones energy charges, which contains the power of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. The massage uses two types of stone – cold and hot. Cold Stone – white marble and black stone – Black basalt. These stones have a very high density. This feature allows them to last much longer than other breeds, retain heat, thereby providing a stronger therapeutic effect.

That of hot stone massage was only one benefit to the organism, it is necessary to use the stones of various sizes. But one condition is necessary – the stones should be smooth. Before the procedure, they are kept in cold water or in a special furnace. The temperature should be 50 degrees. But cold stones cooled via ice bucket.

During the massage, hot stone them alternately applied to the patient’s body. Use for the body lies precisely in such a temperature change. Hot stones provide a complete muscle relaxation and thorough warming, but the cold is filled with all the energy of the tissue, as well as improve blood circulation.

The American massage technique has its own peculiarities. During the procedure used 54 stones, which are of different sizes. For example, large plates are used for the press, and small stones – massage between your fingers.

A massage with hot stones

First, the patient is placed back on the set of basalt stones mosaic. This step is necessary in order to fully relax and warm up the muscles of the back. massage itself begins soft and smooth movements. Further, these movements become more intense. In order to contrast in temperature occurred during the massage to the body of the patient is applied alternately hot and cold stones. In the American technique in the first place is the elimination of tension and stress.

But in the eastern techniques should focus on the energy impact of stones. With this massage often used semiprecious stones because they have a more powerful energy. They help to take away from the human body of negative energy, and then fill it with positive.

The benefits of massage with hot stones is very high. Especially for those people who are often exposed to stressful situations. This massage is a real salvation for the human body.

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