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At My Le Spa you will find outdoor and indoor wellness facilities. For a weekend getaway, choose our cozy wellness section to relax and recharge your daily routine.


Recommended to relieve locomotor complaints. Reduces muscle tension, relieves muscle nodules and adhesions. It helps to release joint movements and restore normal range of motion. It heals with intensive massage courses, its effect can be enhanced with regular exercise.

A great way to relax tired muscles. The treatment improves blood circulation, thereby giving a refreshing feeling, thus eliminating fatigue. It is similar to healing massage in its dishes, but its intensity is not so strong.

It is a detoxification method adopted from natural medicine. Vacuum treatment with a special rubber disc which has a strong circulation activating effect. Deep-acting vacuum massage (cupping) loosens the adherent tissues, then relaxes the muscles with massage grips and finally stretches them. It is ideal for stress and sedentary neck and shoulder pain. It mobilizes deposits in connective tissue.

Cellulite massage technique to “break” the adipose tissue of the affected area; stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby eliminating the accumulation of harmful substances. The treatment also improves the oxygen supply to the area, thereby stimulating degradation processes. Circulatory creams, gels and oils used for cellulite massage enhance the effect of the massage. Cellulite is well treated, but massage alone does not solve the problem. Serious stamina, good nutrition, proper fluid intake, and enough physical activity are also needed to make a difference. For proper effect, cellulite treatment is applied in a cure-like manner, usually 10 treatments every two days, after which the result is visible. Cellulite massage itself is not one of the enjoyable massages, but it is worth tolerating some discomfort, and even after the massage you can feel a very pleasant, refreshed feeling. Apparently, the body contour is more firm and the skin is firmer.

It is a method of utilizing the healing power of honey. The value of the natural active ingredients in honey has long been known, and they are applied to the layers of the skin. The treated skin will be soft, velvety and supple. It gives the tired body a pleasant, pampering feeling.

This soothing, relaxing massage technique reduces the feeling of fatigue and helps to relax tired or possibly cramped muscles. Frequent causes of shoulder pain include stiff posture due to stress, heavily toned muscles. If you turn off the circumstances that led to it, you can get rid of long-lasting pain.

Externally, the essential effects of essential oils are manifested in a variety of ways: they are absorbed through the skin, then act as a calming, stimulating, invigorating effect on the body as a whole, and when inhaled, they evoke a general emotional response. In addition, essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin. Aromatic oils are special essential oils that penetrate the skin surface very easily, penetrate the epidermis and enter the bloodstream. Scent therapy is a natural cure and its healing power on the human body has been scientifically proven. Essential oils have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and special properties (soothing, relaxing, stress relieving) specific to the particular essential oil.

Foot Massage
One of the best-used parts of the body is the foot and sole. The full weight of our body is carried by our feet. It is especially important to pay attention to such a stressed part of our body. During treatment, both feet and especially soles are treated to relieve tension, stimulate blood circulation, enhance lymphatic circulation and thereby restore well-being.

The treatment provides a feeling of perfect immersion in your mental and physical well-being. Chocolate massage, due to its beneficial effect on endorphin production, ensures a harmonious filling of body and mind. It is fantastic in many ways: the high-cocoa chocolate cream moisturizes and tightens the skin, which at the same time makes the skin smooth, replenishes the missing minerals and refreshes the soul. The purpose of the treatment is to introduce the active ingredient of chocolate into the body by means of massage dishes. Its purpose is to allow the guest to relax both physically and mentally.

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