Persuasive Essays Vs Expository Essays

During your academic journey, you will be asked to write many persuasive essays and expository essays. The persuasive essay will test and prep your ability to analyze issues and come up with or defend ideas using logic and argumentative skills. The expository essay will test your ability to explore a topic and define the various relationships and ideas.

To tackle these formal essays you will have to research, write, and review the essay. A tougher topic will require you to put in some extra work and get some extra help. A professional essay writer provided by our essay writing service can help you during this process. It is always a good practice to take some feedback from a professional writer who can not only help you review the essay but also advise you during the researching and writing phase.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are formal essays that explore a subject, an event, or an idea. The contents of the topic at hand undergo analysis to understand its structure, the various relationships, its causes, and its origin.

Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay takes on an issue or an idea in order to defend it or speak against it. The essay writing service will include your personal opinion and judgment. Evidence and examples will not help explore the subject but defend or attack it.


Expository and persuasive essays differ in their method and intent while taking on the subject matter.

    • The difference in intent: The intent of a persuasive essay is to appeal to the reader of the legitimacy of one point of view against the other. While the persuasive essay intends to inform the reader about the topic by defining its various parts and analyzing its content. We will suggest you write my essay.
    • The difference in presenting evidence: Evidence and examples are important to both the essays, but in the expository essay they take the central role. When you define or explore the subject you use examples and evidence throughout, from general to specific, while in expository essays the evidence has to come after you present your idea or argument. The evidence comes at the end to demonstrate the legitimacy of your idea. One doesn’t have to talk about specific examples and details throughout the body.
    • The difference in perspective: The expository essays are objective, which means that the opinions and analysis are neutral, devoid of any personal opinion or preference. Everything is explained through hard facts and evidence. While persuasive essays are subjective, which means that the writer’s perspective matters and that his or her opinions and judgments matter.
  • The difference in voice: You will use a 3rd person voice in the expository essay and a 1st person voice in the persuasive one



  • Hook: Both these college essay use a hook that tells a fact, a quote, a stat, or a statement.
  • Brief background: Both essays will take the topic and narrow the discussion staring from general to specific.
  • Thesis Statement: Expository thesis defines the topic at hand, while the persuasive thesis informs about the argument and its components.

Body Paragraphs

  • Topic sentence: Each body paragraph will have a topic sentence.
  • Body: For expository the subject details and examples will take the whole body, while it will only come at the end in the form of evidence for persuasive essays. Much emphasis on logic and reasoning for the persuasive than the expository.
  • Warrant: The paragraph conclusion connecting the contents of the paragraph is an important part of persuasive writing, not so much of exposition.


  • Summary: Both summaries will include the salient points in the reflection of the thesis.
  • Final Word: Both essays will end with a final statement or a call for action for the reader.

Final Word

Both of the essays can be mastered through the process of prewriting so, contact online essay writer. The quality of the essay can be heightened further by putting it through a review process, either by yourself or by your peer.

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