Mastering Transitioning in an Essay

Transitioning can happen between the sentences as well as the paragraphs in an essay. We have been accustomed to the use of transition words in connecting and emphasizing sentences and ideas. The transition words and phrases are intended to assist the writer in guiding the readers, connecting ideas and arguments.

One should be wary of using the transitions too much. It weakens the thesis and the arguments. To make sure your essay has good transitioning, you can always get writing help from an essay writer.

Expert essay writers know the importance of transition words and transitioning but they are also cautious of overusing them, for a paragraph crowded by transition words tend to be weak in the flow of logic between sentences and paragraphs.

The types of transitioning

We use transitioning in our conversations as well as in our writing, formal or informal and aslo, you can write my essay in different kinds. Transitions serve three purposes:

  • They help us compare and contrast various things.

For example: Despite the fact, similarly, likewise, opposed to which, comparatively, just like, etc.

  • Order items spatially, temporally, and sequentially.

For example: First, Secondly, Before which, After that, Along which, Finally, etc.

  • Emphasize ideas and statements that follow.

For example: More importantly, significantly, crucial to which, etc.

  • Reference or remind the reader of previously stated things.

For example: As mentioned before, As stated earlier, Concluding the previous arguments, etc

  • To mention the causality of things.

For example: Therefore, Because of which, As a result of which, Thus, Leading to which, etc.

Overuse of Transitions

Transitioning between different paragraphs and between different sentences is okay as long as it is purposeful and the structure needs the transitions to communicate the idea effectively.

Without the essay writing service, such essays that lacks ideas and evidence and uses the transitions to fake at a flow of logic when the writing is but an empty shell.

Expert writers have the ability to transition from one part to another by not using any transition words; they guide the readers through the logical flow of arguments and ideas.

Even transitioning between sentences can be done without using the words. The paragraphs go from general to specific, ending with a connection back to the thesis. This way the writer shifts to the next paragraph smoothly picking up the next topic after concluding the previous.

Tips on Transitioning 

If you find yourself failing to transition between various paragraph, it means that the logical gap between the two paragraphs is too much for the transition to be logically connected. or connected using transition words. Here, you can change the context of the paragraphs to make sure both follow a stream of logic prevalent elsewhere in the college essay.

For the paragraph transitioning avoid using words such as Firstly, Secondly, and so on. This gives your essay an outlook of a superficial essay that is just listing works of others rather than coming up with original ideas.

Don’t overuse transitions in and between the sentences. Leave it for points that you want to emphasize instead of every idea connected to the previous or that coming after. The reader will end up befuddled at the frequency of transitions and will fail to notice, let alone follow your argument and see your idea or aim.

An effective way to see for excess or redundant transitions is by covering up the transition words during the editing phase. If problem, then contact college essay help. If the ideas or the statement seem to be connected through logic even without the transitions than you can remove the transition and edit the sentences to allow for a smoother logical transition.

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