Remote control helicopters at affordable prices

We supply high quality genuine Syma and Double Horse helicopters at very reasonable prices”, says the spokesperson of rcHelicopterPro. Can be recharged through the controller provided (however charges more quickly through the included USB lead)

– Charging and power indicator

– Can be simply charged from a computer via included USB cable

– Tri-band Technology.

With many fake and clone Syma models on the market, rcHelicopterPro provides customers with genuine products imported directly from China. RCHelicopterPro highly recommends the Syma S107 remote control M8+10 Pipe Clamp Suppliers helicopter to Australian RC helicopter enthusiasts. Non-intervention uses 2 bands A & B

– Flying time: 6-8 minutes

– Charge time: 30-35 minutes

. With solid build, great performance and an affordable price, this Australia based company has been offers the genuine Syma S107 model helicopters for RC pilots to enjoy. You’d definitely love the standard look and the newest features of this unique product”, adds the spokesperson. Dimensions: 220mm long, 38mm wide and 98mm high

– Main rotor measures 190mm

– Tail rotor 30mm

– Power is provided by a 3.”

“We rate Syma S107 and S107G model as the best micro RC helicopter both in its technical concept and price range.7v 150Mah Li-poly (rechargeable lithium polymer) battery

– Weighs 34g. The website provides genuine products exported from China, the latest being the Syma S107 and the Double Horse 9100, “We’ve recently introduced the Double Horse 9100 to expand our range to include outdoor rc helicopters RC helicopter comes with advanced technical specifications such as a built in gyro for high stability and a coaxial design for easy and stable hovering.


– Miniature size & light weight for indoor flying

– Super wide infrared control

– Controlled by 32-level high precision speed???

– Auto stable, rotor blade system for steady lift

– 3-Channel Helicopter movement – forward, backward, up, down, left, right

– Powered by 2 solid state motors with a third motor in the tail rotor

– High capability, dynamical Li-Poly battery.

RC Helicopter Pro offers genuine Syma model remote control helicopters at affordable prices.