Train have a wide choice of products

Other than dinner and breakfast, those travelling in Gran Class have a private lavatory, shower, access to the VIP lounge at the Madrid Chamartin railway station, newspaper, individual compartments with 1 or 2 beds (single or double).

The Trenhotel Lusitania is a train which links Madrid, the capital of Spain, with Lisbon in Portugal via Salamanca. It is the best connection from Madrid (Spain) to Lisbon (Portugal) by train. They are opened throughout the night. Those who have chosen to travel in Tourist class have a wash basin and reclining seats. Travellers can commute between two cities comfortably and the Renfe Trenhotel Lusitania allows them to make the most of the daytime.) October 20, 2012 – Renfe, the national railway company of Spain, operates Double Thread Screw Suppliers the Trenhotel Lusitania together with CP (Comboios do Portugal).

In Preferente class, travellers have cabins with 1 or 2 beds which are single or double and a wash basin.

The on board restaurants of this Renfe operated train have a wide choice of products whereas the bar cafeteria offers drinks, sandwiches and meals.

As of mid-august 2012, changes in the Portuguese rail network means that cities, such Sources O̱oro, Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca and Avila will be added to the Madrid РLisbon route.

Previously the Trenhotel Lusitania used to operate via the province of Cáceres.

Travellers can easily book a point to point ticket from Paris to Lisbon (the Spanish and Portuguese part of the journey will be on board the Trenhotel Lusitania) or simply Madrid to Lisbon on the Rail Europe websites. It is one of the trains that Renfe uses for long distance travel at night.

The Trenhotel Lusitania, operated by Renfe, has an on board cafeteria and restaurant.

The Lusitania Trenhotel will be operating from the 15th of August between Madrid and Lisbon with the same departure and arrival times as before. Customers travelling with Gran Class ticket have dinner and breakfast included in the price of the ticket, and those with a Prefente Class ticket have the breakfast included.