It is not impossible to really get rid of gophers

It is not impossible to really get rid of gophers with your own hands, without having to hire and pay an expert. Once you’re sure where the gophers and moles live in your yard, you can start to take steps to bring your lawn and garden back to normal.Gophers and moles are irritating creatures that can mess up your lawn and garden. If you have pets in the yard, it is not recommended that you use poison for eradicating the moles or the gophers as your pets could accidentally eat the poison or the poisoned gophers and moles, thereby killing them too, which you surely won’t want to happen. If you badly want to get rid of gophers and take steps on how to kill moles, try any of these pointers:

First and foremost, of course you have to find out where the enemies live.

Drowning them is also another strategy you can try. Wear protective gloves and goggles before handling it and be sure to read the label before utilizing it. Not all of those mini hills may be active, however, and the best way to find out is for you to destroy them, wait for a few hours or a day, and then, the mounds that are erected up again are active, with the creatures living in them. Just try these techniques of how to kill moles and gophers. Of course, this is a violent and inhumane technique, but it can be effective and can ‘bring back’ your beautiful lawn and garden. They can uproot plants, eat plants, dig up holes, and so on, that will 8X8 ATV vehicles turn your yard from beautiful to ugly and messy. Just take the garden hose and flood the tunnels and holes with water for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour per hole so as to kill the gophers and moles.

Poisoning is one of the most common ways of how to kill moles or get rid of gophers. Strychnine is a poison you can use, but, with caution. When you see mounds of soil, those could be the homes of those pesky animals. The creatures hate the smell of ammonia which is usually present in cat urine, thus, if you place some used cat litter in every hole, or pour some ammonia into those holes, you’ll find that you have one of the answers to the issue of how to kill moles.

Another thing you can use to make the lawn and garden beautiful, to be specific, actually get rid of gophers, is kitty litter. It is best if you have other people to help you with this task as some of those creatures may pop up trying to escape drowning and you and the other people should whack them off with shovels to prevent them from escaping