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Massage – not only relaxing, but also treats – Types


The most popular types of massage

Swedish massage

This is one of the most popular types of massage in the west. Therapist uses strokes, kneading and rotary motion; the skin of the patient previously lubricated or massage oil. Swedish massage is ideal for those who have never tried a massage – it is soft and pleasant relaxation techniques.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage – This massage using one or more essential oils, in accordance with the needs of the patient. Oils can relax, give strength, reduce stress, and so on. One of the most commonly used for this massage oils – essential oils Conception: roses can help?

Aromatherapy massage is particularly recommended for people experiencing a lot of stress, as well as a variety of conditions that affect the emotional sphere.

Hot stones massage

Warm smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body that they are warming and relaxing tense muscles, and arranged a job energy centers of the body. Massage therapist may also hold the stones in their hands and press them to different areas on the body of the patient. This type of massage is suitable for people who need to relieve muscle tension but prefer a lighter sound massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, deep tissue massage acts on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. This massage is used in chronic stress and muscle pain, problems with posture, as well as during rehabilitation after injury. Within one or two days after deep tissue massage, people often experience pain in the body – this is a normal result of the variety of massages.


Shiatsu – a Japanese massage, a characteristic feature of which is the pressure of the fingers on the energy channels of the body. Massage therapist works on each point for 2-8 seconds, thereby achieving energy balance in the body. The pressure is quite strong, but the massage has a relaxing effect, and after it in the body is not usually painful, as after a deep tissue massage.

Thai massage

Thai massage, like Shiatsu acts on certain points on the body, thereby providing a burst of energy. In this regard, a Thai massage, apparently, can not compete in any other types of massage. During the session, the patient’s body is drawn out, moving, increasing its flexibility, increasing the range of motion. Thai massage is a great way to relieve stress and to experience the rise of vitality.

Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women, or prenatal massage is becoming increasingly popular among expectant mothers. Massage therapists with special training, know how to correctly position the body of a pregnant woman, and how to modify the usual massage techniques in accordance with the characteristics of the pregnant body.


Although often referred to as reflexology foot massage, it is more than simple foot massage. Reflexology involves pressure on certain points on the feet, associated with certain organs and systems in the body. Reflexology perfectly relaxing, especially if you spend a lot of time on their feet.

Sports massage

Sports massage is specifically designed for people who are regularly subjected to intense physical activity. The task of this massage – not an indulgence, and prevention and treatment of injuries, as well as increasing endurance, flexibility and other characteristics necessary for successful sports performances.

Back massage

This type of massage aimed at relieving back pain, elimination clips, increase flexibility of the spine. Specially trained masseurs know what techniques to use for pain and other problems in the back, given the characteristics of the different parts of the spine.
Facial massage: beauty with his own hands – Face

Facial massage: beauty with his own hands
Classic facial massage

Cosmetic face massage

In the cosmetic facial massage, performed regularly in a beauty salon or at home, eating a lot of advantages. The most important of them – restoring the freshness and beauty of the skin: cosmetic facial massage helps to remove swelling under the eyes, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating circulation and collagen production, make the facial contour more clearly and get rid of a double chin due to the tightening of facial muscles.

How do cosmetic facial massage

In order to make cosmetic facial massage at home, will need regular moisturizing face cream and a bowl of cold water. Before making a cosmetic facial massage, it is better to change into something open – for example, with the top cut to a massage of the neck cream is not soiled clothes.

Run your cosmetic facial massage is always necessary with cleansing: by any cleaning agents take away the traces of makeup. It is possible to use the scrub to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells – skin through exfoliation is more susceptible to massage.

Leaning back in a chair or in a chair, put a moisturizer on your face and neck massage by rubbing the cream into the skin.

Scoop a little cold water from the tank and also apply to the skin from the neck down. His chin, short neck massage touches, from the bottom upwards.

Soft strokes with fingertips start to massage your neck, moving from the center point along the line under the jaw, gradually heading towards the ears and “working through” such movements the entire lower face contour.
Massage your face move upward and outward, alternating with a circular motion. If the skin quickly absorbs the cream, a layer of cream on the face or water must be constantly updated – this will reduce the risk of injury to the skin under tension and to facilitate the sliding of fingers.

Soft circular movements massage the eyelids and skin around the eyes, gently pressing on the temples.

To move upward and outward, massage the skin of the forehead, slightly stretching the skin – it will help to smooth the skin and make it less noticeable horizontal lines and wrinkles.

Complete facial pat with fingertips for a minimum of two to three minutes.

To face | Facial massage: beauty with his own hands

The basic rules of facial massage

Making cosmetic facial massage yourself, you must always remember that the movement should be directed straight up and sideways. Do not massage the skin movement directed downwards – it will only worsen the skin sagging.

While cosmetic facial massage really helps to keep your skin young and healthy, do not forget about other ways to maintain healthy skin – beauticians recommend drinking at least ten to twelve glasses of fluid a day to compensate for the loss of body moisture.

After the massage, the face is better to rinse with cold water.

To face | Facial massage: beauty with his own hands

Cosmetic massage of the neck

It is on the skin of the neck and not on the face, often the first signs of aging – deep horizontal lines, signs of sagging skin, muscle weakness. Return the tone of aging skin, smooth out wrinkles and lines will help cosmetic massage of the neck, which can perform even at home.

In order to do facial massage neck, you first need to take care of skin hydration. For massage suit and the usual moisturizer and any vegetable oil – enough of one teaspoon of olive oil to moisturize the skin effectively and facilitate sliding of fingers during the massage.

To face | Facial massage: beauty with his own hands

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