Some splits can split right up the entire hair shaft

Hair dyes, electric curlers and permanents cause hair to dry out and have split ends..

Split ends should not be left unattended.

Some of the most common causes electric bicycle of split ends are necessary procedures and treatments that are used in hair salons and bathrooms every day. It is vital to keep the shampoo and conditioning regimen on a regular schedule, to remove sebum, or dandruff and particle buildup that occurs.

o Don’t use tight pincers to tie hairs.

o Wash hair with a good shampoo with added nourishment and moisturizer.

o Keep scalp clean and well conditioned. These include use of hair straighteners, curling irons or blow dryers, colouring of the hair, heavy or excessive brushing, using the wrong treatments or no treatments at all and not trimming the hair regularly. Shampooing frequently and swimming in chlorinated pools will lead to dry hair and split ends. To curl the hair or give them a wavy appearance, use sponge rollers overnight or sleep with the moist braids.. These can cause further damage by ripping through the hair.

Some splits can split right up the entire hair shaft or else the split ends themselves will actually split, leaving you with split split ends. Instead of blow-drying the hair, you can pat dry with a towel.

Here are some of the tips to remove split ends:

o Trim hair at least once in six weeks. Using any amount of hot air will cause your hair to dry out. Dry weather and blow drying will strip the hair of its moisture.

There are so many versatile “do’s” today, such as long, short, permed, relaxed, doobies, curls, french, pressed, celebrity, braids,dreadlocks, straight, wrap or blow dry, to name a few. Replace electric curlers with unheated plastic rollers that were used in a bygone era.Splits ends are mainly caused due to over brushing, excessive use of hot styling tools, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, use of cheap styling tools, coloring, perming, towel drying, brushing wet hair, elastic bands and finally lack of hair care and maintenance.

o Use a cotton towel over the pillow so that the friction is less. Apply gels and styling creams to retain those oils.

Avoid heat: The heat appliances like blow-dryers, electric irons and curlers damage the hair. Straighten the hair by wrapping the slightly damp hair around the cold rollers and leave them on for about ten minutes. On dry hair, use a wide brush with a foam pad that allows more give. Use a clarifying shampoo about once a month.

o Use synthetic pillows or cover the hair with a duvet or blanket. Avoid vent brushes with plastic bristles.

o Avoid using hot curlers or irons often.

o UV rays erode natural oils produced by the scalp.silicone builds up, which you want, because keeps the split ends “bonded” to hair so they can not be seen. By using your fingertips to gently massage your scalp, allows your pores to experience circulation and helps loosen that buildup, prior to shampooing.

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