Project is very exciting and could be of great benefit to the Environment

By gathering the elite of Greater China, professionals from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China joined them in thier garage, and constructed thier self-sustained energy and electric car solution.

As their web site states, today’s oil consumption cannot be sustained; the current use of oil endangers our health, our economy, and the political and social stability of the world.

You can download newsletters & brochures about the project from my Scribd directory listed in the resource box. All signalling is devised through fibre-optics and will not suffer from electro-magnetic interferences. They have set up a new project called APET. Presently, 40% of the world’s oil fuels the automotive industry, and 65% of oil consumption is in the US transportation sector. On the other side of the Pacific, China’s government announced a series of policies embracing the renewable energy and subsidizing generously for electric cars with no less than a US$293 billion budget. Five years ago, their Group CEO, my contact Andrew Huang , started to explore various solutions to stem the current energy problems of the world.

APET provides a solution that totally controls the electrical components and energy solutions by a self-developed & specialy CANBUS.

APET stands for ADVANCED POWER AND ENERGY TRANSPORTATION, & the company are developing an electric car that could have a great impact in our struggle against Global Warming. The efforts are not only for the nations’ interest, but a contribution to a much bigger movement – SAVE THE EARTH. Many scientists have found that automobile emissions contribute significantly to global climate change and rising sea levels. This year they have set up APET – Advanced Power and Energy Transportation, a subsidiary to support their electric car platform.

By applying thier “Garage” spirit, with limited funding and human resources, they have produced an energy platform that is universal and versatile, that could be applied to many applications, especially vehicles.

This project is very exciting and could be of great benefit to the Environment.

More information is also available attheir web site, alos listed in resource box.

As a member of this world, everyone should share the mission to save the Earth. If so, please get in touch. Would anyone else be interested in helping promote it.

Of particular interest, in light of the the dreadful plight of the UK’s motor industry might be APET’s Open Source CANBUS.

With the new Obama Administration’s direction to develop Green Energy as the core industry for the economic recovery program, and its gigantic US$500 billion Apollo Projects, the focus is on developing electric cars and renewable energy.

Salamander is a turn-key project ebicycle allowing Salamander or any electrically powered vehicles to go in directly into the production planning stage, by any car manufacturers or entities with adequate resources. They code-named it Salamander.I have recently been in contact with Andrew Huang who is CEO at APES (HK) Ltd. the system is written in LINUX open source code, allowing Salamander to be open for all talents of the world to contribute their solutions, and integrate with all component providers.

Avoid putting any pressure on your basement walls

If any of your household articles have become extensively damaged, do not hesitate to discard them away. It is considered structurally safe to drain the water slowly and gradually. Try to make the basement completely free from moisture and humidity. Before relocating to the basement, always wash and disinfect the place thoroughly. This helps in reducing the dampness of the place. It is better to buy a large diameter drain hose and a high capacity pump to drain more water far away from the foundation of your building to prevent the water from re-entering your basement.

Once you are done with pumping away ebike all the standing water from your flooded basement, you should begin the process of cleanup. To avoid any health hazards, dispose away the debris and other contaminants to an appropriate place away from your house. Use a wide garden hose to drain out floodwater from your basement. You must act with a calm mind and proceed towards draining the water from the basement in stages, that is to say, about 1/3 of the accumulated water every day until it is completely drained.

Drain your flooded basement carefully to avoid putting any pressure on your basement walls which can leave your structure unsafe.

Before you enter a flooded basement, always ensure the power and the main gas valve is turned off in your home to keep yourself on the safe side and prevent any chance of getting electric shock. Now to drain the floodwater out of your flooded basement, you can make use of gas-powered pump as it is a better choice than using an electric pump which can put your life at risk. Following the above mentioned steps can go a long way in making the flooded basement dry and safe for living. It is best keeping the safety of yourself and your family in view. However, if the air outside is moist, then it is advisable to keep the doors and windows closed and use a dehumidifier instead.A flooded basement must be drained and cleaned as soon as the surrounding flood water starts receding to prevent the building from any structural damage. Flush down all walls and floors and finish the cleanup process using hot water with a detergent solution for cleaning all the walls, floors, cupboards, drawers, dishes and other affected places.

Another important step for making your flooded basement restored back to normalcy includes drying your basement. You can make use of a dehumidifier that has a drain fitting on the bucket to attach a garden hose for making your basement dry. Clean up the remaining debris and wet garbage using a shovel.

. Cross ventilation should be maximized by opening doors and windows. If you start draining water away from your basement in haste before waiting for the floodwater to become clear outside, it is almost certain that water will seep back in again. Moreover, mold and mildew can keep hiding in the damaged items leading to many serious ailments. However, you can use an electric pump provided it is connected to an electric line outside your house. Always wear protective gear including rubber boots, gloves and goggles to prevent any accidental contact with the contaminated water and filth.