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Powis Parker’s Fastback 8x Tape BindingMachine is a thermal binding system that creates what are known asperfect bound books, the like of which you might find on bookstore orlibrary shelves. It uses an adhesive tape binding method and can beused to create documents up to twelve inches in length. According tocompany literature, this binding system can bind documents up to 250pages, and give the user the possibility of creating finished documentsup to three times faster than with more conventional punch/bindsystems. Here we’ll take a look at what we consider some of thestrengths and weaknesses of the Fastback 8x. First, the strengths: Even the complete novice willfind the Fastback 8x an easy machine to operate. Having a mere threebuttons, one for settings, one for editing, and one to activate, thismachine is among the most simple on the market. There is also afunction that allows users to save certain settings, making the processas simple as pressing a single button.Supplies for theFastback are plentiful and easy to acquire.

There are only two sizes ofstrip, and these two give you the flexibility to bind docs that are upto an inch or so thick. This, of course, makes inventory a breeze, asyou won’t have to worry about having a dozen different spine sizes onhand at all times. Versatility is one of the big featuresof the Fastback as well. With just one machine, you can produce eithersoft or hard cover documents, books or reports. Strips and covers comein many colors as well, so you can mix and match to meet your needs.There is even a high-end foil printer option available that allows youto customize your covers.For all it’s capabilities, the 8xis quite small and very portable. At a mere thirteen by nineteen and ahalf inches, it stores away easily and is also easily transported. Now The Weaknesses: The 8x is not an option forbinding documents that are over 250 pages, or with a binding edge thatis over twelve inches. If you think that you will need to producelarger books, you might want to look into purchasing the 15x.Aswith most thermal binding methods, it is difficult to impossible toedit or make major changes to a finished document. It can work outreasonably well if you just need to remove or add a page or two.

Whilemost types of paper will work great, some of the glossier stocks willhave trouble adhering in this system. Also the high temperatures thatare required for the binding process may melt normal pages that arefull bleed printed. The Verdict: The Fastback 8x is perfect for use in a smalloffice, or even a larger office that doesn’t regularly need to bindmore than about fifty documents in an average week. The look created bythe Fastback 8x is top notch, and suitable for even the highest-endpresentations and proposals. However, if you regularly need documentsover 250 pages, or longer than 12 inches, you might want to look at theFastback 15x instead.More informations:China Wholesale Printed Cotton


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How To Create Podcast Media From Audio TapeThe digital revolution has rendered many of to a state of utter confusion when it comes to dealing with older/analog audio technologies. A good number of us are still utilizing the familiar old tape deck to record our audio, but then become absolutely befuddled when it comes time to transfer that audio into the digital environment. I always get this picture in my head of my clients standing there with RCA audio cables – staring blankly at their computer – wondering how to get the audio from the source to the destination.This tutorial is meant to help out those confused masses. I will preface the tutorial by saying that this is by no means the ideal way to create podcast media. However, people should stick to what they’re comfortable with. If that’s audio tape – then by all means – go for it!

Maybe someday you’ll invest in a good MP3 recording device – but until then – it’s no biggie.So – let’s get started.Equipment/Hardware NeededStandard Audio Cassette Player. I highly recommend using a good quality walkman – for it has the ideal output port on it built in. I do not recommend using your home stereo cassette deck for this procedure – because your deck most likely has either RCA outs (absolutely no good) and a 1/4″ plug (if you’re lucky.)A 1/8″ to 1/8″ Mini Plug connector. You know the little plug connector that’s at the end of your headphones? This cable has two of those – one on each end. You can purchase these cables at pretty much any electronics store. (If you must use your home stereo deck – and if it comes with a 1/4″ plug jack – you can probably find a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter along with the cord.)Good sound card for your computer with an “line in” jack (looks just like the audio out jack . If you’ve purchased your computer within the last few years – you most likely already have an audio card sufficient for this process.) Familiarize yourself with the location of the card, and find the “line in” jack.Software NeededAudio Recording Software with noise-reduction filters. I recommend Audacity – as it’s free and pretty simple to use.Once you have all of the equipment, it’s time to get started.Transferring the audio from Tape to ComputerStep 1:Connect the tape deck to the computer by plugging one end of the connector cable into the headphones jack of the walkman, and the other end of the connector cable into the “line in” jack of your computer’s sound card.Step 2:Install your audio processing software (Audacity.)Step 3:Launch Audacity, and look for the input pulldown menu. It’s on the top right of the screen. Click the tab and select “Line In”.Step 4:Adjust the volume of your walkman to be medium/low. Rewind the tape and press Play.Step 5:Press “Record” in Audacity’s interface and check the levels of the audio being brought in. If the levels are too high (hot) your audio will be distorted. You will know if the audio is “hot” by if the levels trip too far to the right. If so, either adjust the volume from the walkman, or the audio input levels in the software to compensate.Step 6:After finding the perfect recording level, you’re ready. Rewind the tape again. Press “record” in audacity, and press “play” on your walkman.Step 7:Review your audio. If you’re happy with it, save it, and begin to tweak it with the noise reduction software.Step 8:Save your audio file as .mp3 format.You’re done!

Now your audio is ready to be included/posted to your podcast.If you need a good podcast host I recommend polyester satin Factory. They have unmetered bandwidth, great tech support, and a lot of tutorials to teach you how to make a podcast.Good luck!


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To live up holding onto a retail business, you have to end up dealing with well-experienced wholesale service providers. Be it UK or any other nation, retail business is backed up by good wholesale services. Looking at the behavioral and demand changes in current market, you are suggested to finalize your deal with only the up to date service providers. Broadly speaking, today, the market has got way extended and people have shown enormous distinctions in their choice. Therefore, you have got to contact the prevalent wholesale clothing service supplier.Ex-Chainstore wholesale clothing in UK is the best place to stand by and shop from. As this is summer time, clothes made with woolen materials or any other warm fabric, e.g. leather would not be preferred. Clothes like trimming printed, made up with cotton materials are the only choice of people’s during this summer.

Thus, it is obvious for the retailers to find out such clothing merchant who has the biggest collection of clothes from all across the world. No matter, what choice a potential client may make, items have to be in stock one way or another. All these conditions do easily go with ex-chainstores. They are the mother of variety of clothes for summer. You can appear to them at anytime. Today, let us talk about fashionable dresses for women available in the market. Be it a royal black shaded smock satin dress or any other cotton made casuals are in their demands, whenever it is ordered should be parceled in short span of time. Hence, to provide a smooth delivery to your valued customers, you have to look for an esteemed clothing wholesaler, who never turns down your request. Talking about another item what falls under latest summer fashion, layered satin skirt, you must think about storing this item as well. It is getting worldwide popularity amongst all fashionistas.

This attire is easy to carry, comfortable to wear and stylish to show off. When all such features and comforts are amalgamated in this one piece; why not anyone would desire to buy it. Apart from varieties of dress items, you should also focus on their shades. A woman’s choice cannot be predicted; even she herself is unable to predict what she may fall in love with. Thus, it is better for you to collect every single piece of dress in varieties of shades as well. The more colours, you will be able to present, the much do they fall for your accountability.The ribbon products are widely used in gift & packing industry, apparel industry, home textile industry and other related areas. Whatever traditional or modern printing technology is applied, such as foil printing, rotary ink printing, thermal transfer print, Metallic printing and debossing printing, our ribbons create outstanding printing performance:Huzhou Beiheng Textile Co., Ltd. contact

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