Floating floor boards are usually used in the surface

Floating floor boards are usually used in the surface mediums; that’s why it is more prone to liquids and warps. Mopping is never recommended if you have this kind of flooring.

How to clean your floor properly

    1. Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly and use a dust mop to get rid of any accumulated dusts.Use a damp cloth and a mild cleanser to clean any stubborn dirt or spills on the floor. Never use any abrasive scrubber on your floor boards because it can damage its quality.As much as possible, never spill any water on the floor because it will result to any damage. If ever this accident may happen, immediately use a sponge or a dry cloth to get rid of the water.If ever there are paint, food stains or nail polish spilled on the floor, use a rubbing alcohol or a nail polish remover to get rid of the stains. Wipe out the debris and never scrub the floor.If wax is spilled on the floor, wait for it to dry up and cool. Gently scrape the wax away and later on use a sponge to wipe the area.If there is a chewing gum stuck on the floor, you an ice to harden it and scrape it away like the way

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    you did on the wax. Again, wipe the area with a sponge to clean it.Always check the manufacturer on how to clean the floor boards. Some manufacturers may want you to use specific brands to help you maintain the cleanliness of the floors.

Tips for your floor boards

Do not let the floor have long periods of time Garden faucet Suppliers directed by sunlight, it can cause discoloration of the floor or fade its colour.Use protectors underneath your furniture to prevent any scratches on the floor.Place doormats on every door to trap the dirt immediately and reduce it going to the floor.If you have pets, always trim their nails so that they won’t scratch your floor.Don’t wear a stiletto heels when on the floor because it can also scratch the floor.

Remember that a floor board that is constantly cleaned can have a longer life and can maintain its beautiful quality. Make sure that you exercise good judgement in every stain that might incur.

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