Health Benefits of Massage

benefits of massage

Massage is a pleasant, relaxing feeling, but it is not only for this reason that it is worth incorporating it regularly into our lives if we can do it. It also has many beneficial effects on our health.

It helps to keep us better

Those who do sedentary work tend to have poor posture because they sit in a bad position a lot. This is unhealthy in many ways, including because it places extra stress on our neck and shoulders and can weaken certain parts of the skeletal muscle. However, with regular massage, these symptoms can be treated and alleviated, so office workers are especially advised to have a massage every two weeks.

Relieves muscle pain

Massage stimulates circulation in the muscles, which improves their blood supply, which can help heals to heal faster and relieve muscle pain due to overload. According to a 2011 study, massage therapy can also be an effective remedy for chronic back pain.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Regular massages are also worth considering for people with mood disorders, as it has been proven to have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. According to a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience, women diagnosed with breast cancer who had been massaged three times a week were less likely to feel angry and depressed. Another study found that patients with anxiety and depression felt relaxed, happier after a massage, and had a significantly lower level of stress.

It can improve the quality of your sleep

Massage has a great effect on babies too – they sleep better, cry less and are less stressful. Today there are many baby massage courses, tutorials and videos on the subject. Massage therapy also has a good effect on adults with sleep problems and insomnia, and can also improve the quality of sleep for those who have basically no problems in this regard.

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