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. Plastic containers, acrylic bins, lollipop trees – these are all great tools for POP merchandise displays, but how can set your displays apart from all the rest? Consider wooden barrel or basket POP displays for your store’s POP!

Positioning Your POP Barrel Displays

The POP of a store (or any business that sells some merchandise, even if it isn’t exactly a “retail” store) – or, the point of purchase – China screw and barrel for plastic extruder machine suppliers is the area within the store where customers make their purchases. These items generally range from candy to small convenience items – the kinds of items customers want, but might not necessarily purchase unless it’s convenient for them to reach out and grab them. However, not every store creates the most attractive POP displays possible.

Single wooden barrels are good choices if you have screw and barrel for plastic extruder machine suppliers spare space on your countertop or you want to create your own arrangement, but floor and countertop racks work well to both maximize the amount of space you have within your POP and to hold more merchandise. If you plan to display fewer numbers of items, a counter rack might work for your POP barrel display.

Deciding On Merchandise for Your POP Barrel Display

You probably already have a pretty good idea about what kinds of merchandise you want to include in your POP barrel display; however, below are two tips to help you along the way:

    1. Think about your barrels.Choosing the Right Barrel Display for Your POP Locations

As you’re determining the right wooden barrel display for your POP, you’ll need to think about the same considerations you thought about when you were determining where to position your POP barrel display. See below.)

Note that you might want to think about the kinds of merchandise you plan to display in your POP location before you purchase any wooden barrel display fixtures. Usually the POP location of a store includes checkout counters and registers. (Wooden barrel floor racks are also great for repositioning; if you decide you want to change your POP merchandise display, you can move these racks anywhere else in your store. Based on their size and durability, how much product can the ones you’ve chosen hold?Think about your usual customers. A POP display is designed to encourage customers to make impulse purchases, but even the most attractive POP display isn’t going to work if the merchandise in the display consists of items your customers wouldn’t be interested in.The kinds of merchandise you plan to display.

As you’re deciding where to position your POP barrel display, consider:
The amount of space you have to work with within your POP. The idea behind POP merchandise displays is to encourage customers to make impulse purchases. If you plan to display a lot of merchandise, you might need a floor display fixture. You might have enough space on your countertop for a POP display, or you might need to situate a POP display rack on the floor near your countertop.POP displays – every store needs them. There are many different kinds of wooden barrels and baskets available

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