If this manhole is full then the blockage must be Bathroom Accessories

Lift whichever manhole cover is nearest the drain with the problem. If the manhole is clear, then the blockage has to be in one of the pipes leading to it from the house. If if is full, there is a blockage farther down the system.

Lift the next manhole cover. If this manhole is full then the blockage must be Bathroom Accessories even farther along. If it’s empty, the blockage must lie between the first and second manholes. However, if the blockage lies beyond the last manhole on your property, inform your local authority – they are responsible for the drainage outside your boundary.

Once you have established where the blockage is, hire a set of drain rods (check online or yellow pages – try ‘Hire services – tools & equipment’). You will get a number of flexible rods which screw together, plus a rubber plunger and corkscrew head.

Put on rubber gloves. Screw together a number of rods and fit the corkscrew device. Feed the rods into the drain, turning them clockwise. As the blockage is breached, water will start to drain off, washing most of the rest of the blockage with it.

DO NOT turn drain rods anti-clockwise while they are inside the drain – they will unscrew and you’ll lose them!

To clean the pipe fully, Basin Faucet withdraw the rods and replace the corkscrew head with the rubber plunger. Run water from the kitchen and bathroom taps, then work the plunger back and forth to remove any remaining material.

Remove any debris remaining in the manholes, then flush with a jet of water from a garden hose.

Clean the grooves in which the manhole cover sits and apply thick car grease before replacing the cover. It will ensure an airtight fit to eliminate any smell.

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